Tuesday, March 12, 2013

So Many Exciting Updates!

I'm not sure why but it has been a long time since I had a post.  Maybe about a week!  In that weeks time, a few awesome things have happened!  Let's see....in no particular order because they are all equally awesome!

  • My last post was about the DietBet I'm doing and I weighed in and lost 5.2lbs in like 5 days. Hahaha!  I have to admit that a few lbs of this could be because I used 2 different scales.  But...I was working my ass off last week and stayed on track food wise EVERY meal!  I think the only thing I had where I thought "wow, this prob isn't healthy...a food PLD..." was when I put natural peanut butter and fat free pudding together...So if that is the worst food mistake I made in 5 days...then HEY...I'm doing pretty good!  So I am already up to 46% of reaching the DietBet goal of losing 4%!  I just weighed myself this morning and I have lost an additional .5lbs! I am not officially weighing in until Friday so I still have a few more days to lose a bit more!  I am working really hard and making great food choices.  This makes me incredibly happy and I am so glad I did this DietBet to jump start my healthy eating again!  Yay!

  • I am super excited to announce that I FINALLY was able to run 1 mile without stopping again last week!!!! This makes me SO happy!!  I was able to run 1.25 miles this time last year but then I injured myself and had to get surgery.  I wasn't able to run for about 6 months and ended up gaining about 20lbs. Boooooo.  I had my surgery the last day of August and started running again in November.  When I started over I was barely able to do 1/4 miles without being super tired. Basically I was starting over.  I was totally bummed about that but knew I could work my way back to where I was.  AND I DID!!! (Almost...haha).  I was using C25K and it was awesome! It helped me get back into running and I am now able to run a mile in 12 mins. Yes, somewhat slow but I will work on speed after I concentrate on distance! I am super excited about this and am looking forward to my next run!

  • GUESS WHAT?! I love twitter.  Not only is it an awesome place to "meet" fitness people but it is also super fun following celebrities in a more intimate (is this the right word?) setting.  For example.  I was travelling home to Delaware this weekend and was away from my gym.  I have Richard Simmons tapes (yes tapes) at my parents house and I love to do them when I'm there.  I LOVE Richard Simmons hahahaha.  He is so adorable and I adore him.  If you aren't following him on twitter, you should.  His tweets are so cute and he genuinely cares about people!  Well anyways...long story short...I sent a tweet and copied Richard Simmons and he actually responded!!!! I was so excited when I saw it I went running to tell my mom! Ha she doesn't even know what twitter is and she was like "it's probably not even him!"   What a Debbie Downer!  I got mad at her because I am so wishing that it really IS him!!! Let's hope! No one burst my excited bubble. Hahaha. Isn't he so cute?  Awwww! Yay! 

  • My last and equally as awesome thing is that I am able to wear XL tshirts now and look cute.  I always bought XXL tshirts in guy sizes because that is what I was most comfortable in.  They fit well and XL was too tight.  Over the past year while I was traveling for work I started to buy tshirts in size XL. Mostly because I wanted cute ones that I couldn't find in XXL. Well I have been wearing them to the gym recently! It feels awesome!  Of course it's not super loose but at least it somewhat fits.  If my rolls don't show...I claim it fits. HAHAHA hot mess. :)

All in all last week was a great week filled with healthy food options and a lot of amazing workouts!  I also had an amazing weekend in Delaware   I got to see so many of my favorite people and I was just so happy.  Of course I did have one day, Saturday, where I ate off track and drank alcohol.  BUT I have been back on track since Sunday morning and I even worked out Saturday and Sunday.  I believe my one day of crap did little to no damage.  Thank goodness, because I am expecting another loss this Friday!

Last weeks workouts:
Wednesday's Zumba!
I was in a terrible mood and DID NOT want to go.
But I knew that my skanky zumba class would make everything better....

Thursday's Workout
Ran 1 mile without stopping. Yay!

Sunday "workout"
It was beautiful out and I just wanted to enjoy the day and go for a nice walk.
I didn't want to worry about burning calories, running or distance.
I ended up doing a quick 3 miles and I enjoyed myself! :)

Monday night Zumba & Weights 
I am not sure why I feel the need to take pictures of every workout I do.  I think it's because I want to prove to myself that I really did it.  I also like to keep track of my heart rate and calories burned over time.  I email myself all of my pictures and have them in gmail.  Maybe eventually I will print them all and scrapbook them in a weightloss journey scrapbook.  I would love to see my progress like that! It would be so cool! 

Anyways...I hope everyone has a great week!  I am really looking forward to working hard this week and seeing results on Friday!  Keep your fingers crossed for me! :)  xoxo


  1. I have been wondering about you... waiting to see a new post to see how you're doing on your challenge. Way to go on the weight loss and the commitment to yourself!!! The weight loss is awesome but what is better is the way you are treating yourself :) Also it is a wonderful feeling to be able to run a mile non-stop... It is such a high... just keep going and I promise it will get easier...

    And finally, I totally think Richard Simmons could have posted that. I mean "celebrities" that aren't constantly busy probably do spend time on social media so I think its incredibly easy to believe that he could take a second out of his life to do that. His whole goal is to inspire and help others so I think that is something he totally would do!!!

    I don't take pictures of every workout but I have a Garmin watch that tracks everything and then downloads all my workout info into a program on my computer so I have a "recorded" record of everything for every workout so it's pretty much the same thing. I have heart rate at any given moment during a run, distance time, etc... I love data and seeing improvement mostly I guess. Don't think there's anything wrong with that.

    I expect you to report back on Friday with how you did. Whatever it says will be fine because I can see how happy you are right now and that is what matters :)

    1. <3 I will update Friday no matter if it's good or bad!!

      You are the BEST!

  2. That's awesome that Richard Simmons tweeted you! Emilio Estevez tweeted me once, and it totally made my month.
    Good luck with your weight in!!!! I'm trying out the diet bet thing too. It's fun.

    1. Haha Emilio Estevez!!!! YES!!! Love it!!! Isn't DietBet the best?! :) Good luck with yours!

  3. Yes Yes Yes! Love the progress - and I totally do the same thing with each of my workouts.

    1. Ha! I'm glad I'm not the only one taking selfies at the gym. LOL!!! <3

  4. I love your idea to make a scrapbook of your weight loss journey! I also email all of my pictures to my gmail and never knew what to do with them afterwards! lol..Good idea! And keep up the great work!

    1. It would be so cool down the road to put it together as like a visual reminder of how far you've come! Love it! :)

  5. That is awesome to get a tweet back from him! :) You are doing great, girl!