Friday, March 15, 2013

SO Much WIN! And a Weigh In

Today was my weekly weigh in and I am soooo excited about it!!!!!  I weighed in and lost 3.6lbs last week!! I knew I would def lose because I worked my butt off!  I wasn't expecting this large of a loss but heyyyyy I'm taking it!!  I worked out 5 times last week and pushed myself everytime!  I also ate on track except for one day where I went overboard.  I was careful to get back on track the next day and I'm pretty sure there wasn't much damage.  I was able to fight many temptations this week and made awesome choices!! YAY!  Needless to say...this loss was DESERVED! :)  Now I'm only 7-10lbs away from my lowest weight!!! Yay! I am getting back to where I was! SO EXCITING!

Also, I am only 2.4lbs away from winning my first DietBet! YAY! I have lost 3 times before so I'm excited that I actually have a chance to win this time! :)  2.4lbs in 2 weeks...I am going to try very hard to accomplish this!! WISH ME LUCK!

There is one more AMAZING thing that happened this week!  

I AM OBSESSED WITH JCREW! I love it.  I love everything they have and my dream/weightloss goal is to be able to walk into a JCrew and buy whatever I want!  I can't wait for that moment! 

I was looking around the website one day and saw this adorableeee skirt with anchors on it.  Totally 100% me and I wanted to buy it so bad.  I saw it came in XL and had an elastic waistband so I figured I would just buy it.  I had my fingers crossed the whole time I was waiting for it to deliver.  It came in Wednesday and I ripped into it and immediately tried it on. IT FIT!!! I was so excited!  Yes, it could fit better but if I can get it on my fat ass...I'm counting it as fitting! HA!  

Isn't it cuuuuute?? I LOVE IT!
I know I am still somewhat far from reaching the JCrew goal considering their highest size is a 12 or maybe a 14...but this little experience at least made me realize that dream IS possible.  That I CAN do this! That I WILL do this!  It's such a great feeling and I just want to keep going so I can feel it over and over again!

Now on to the boring stuff...a few workout pics and such. 

Wednesday's Skank Zumba!
I went hard this night and got up to 600 calories!

Thursday Nights Gym Sesh

My new dinner obsession.
Sun dried tomatoes (NOT in oil, just bought plain),  regular tomato
and garlic sauteed in a little bit of olive oil.  Then put on grilled chicken.
Add a little bit of low fat mozz cheese to this one!
So this is my exciting news for the week!  I am really proud of myself how well I am doing with my food choices.  Unfortunately tomorrow will be a terrible day for me and my plan.  I am going out for St. Patricks Day and it WILL be a mess. Ha!  One day out of the week is ok as long as it doesn't become a habit.  I will be a mess tomorrow but right back on track Sunday!  I will be looking forward to another loss next week! :) YAY!


  1. Woo Hoo... That is AWESOME... That is such a great loss and so cool that its actually coming at a time when you have money bet on it... that rarely happens! I love it when you actually start to see the results of your efforts, that, more than anything gives you the encouragement to keep going. It just makes you want it even more.

    Enjoy your St. Patrick's Day... try and remember the bigger picture but have fun. It's only one day, you will get right back at it the next day. No harm.

    I love the skirt, too cute and I'd say its a huge victory being able to wear it. Nothing like having a little clothing motivation to keep you going as well. You'll feel awesome when you wear it again and it fits better and better. And hopefully someday it will be too big and you will smile :) But enjoy it now, its way cute!

    1. Thanks love!!! <3 St. Paddy's day was so fun! I don't regret the choices I made even though they were terrible! I was right back on track the next day so the damage is probably minimal!! :)

  2. Congrats on losing the weight! You are so going to kiss those last 2lbs goodbye!

    ...and yes that skirt is cute! I'm obsessed with anything that screams nautical.


  3. That's so exciting that you are probably going to win you first dietbet! I'm doing one too right now. Actually I'm doing two right now because I was super confident when I signed up. I'm still on track, but I can't afford to make any mistakes... literally (bad joke).

    St Paddy's Day is kind of a right off. Good luck staying on track!

    1. Let's win our DietBets!!! HA! :) St. Paddy's was so fun...I don't regret the calories consumed at all!! Back on track now!! :)