Tuesday, April 23, 2013

It's Been Awhile...

I'm back!!  I hope...

It's been a super long time since I've had a blog update so I decided to do one today!  Nothing too exciting happening...wait...that's a LIE! :)

Let's see....first off...my vacation!  It was wonderful!  I had such a great time and it was so nice to get away to sunny Florida and hang out with two of my awesome friends!  We went to the beach, Disney Magic Kingdom and Universal Studios Island of Adventure.  It was such a fun trip!  I overcame so many of my fears too!  I have always been so scared to go on Splash Mountain (haha) or any roller coaster for that matter.  FEAR NO MORE!  I went on Splash Mountain and it was no biggie.  Because I was feeling brave the next day at Island of Adventure, I decided to try the Harry Potter coasters (old deuling dragons)....I LOVED THEM!! I even went on The HULK!!!! So crazy but I'm now obsessed with roller coasters!! Goes to show you that you can overcome fears by just trying them!  Who would have thought?!

The beaurtiful beach, The Hulk (!!!), Butterbeer from Harry Potter (so good),
and me and my friends <3
Awesome trip!
Ok so now the fun stuff about the trip is out of the way...let's talk about how I was so off track the whole time!  We ate out everyyyyy day almost.  Breaktfast, Lunch and Dinner....ugh.  I tried to make good choices (sometimes) but I def did not eat very well.  Walking around the parks for 2 whole days was great exercise and prob helped a little...but it was not a very healthy trip.  I was extremely anxious and ready to get back into my healthy eating and gym routines!  I am happy to say that I am back to it.  YES!

I finally got back to the gym last Wednesday after a 2 week break. WHAT?! 2 weeks?! UGH!!  I did zumba and you could def tell I have missed 2 weeks. I hate that feeling!!  You come so far and then you take a break and you have to almost start all over again! I guess that's what I get for not going for awhile. Damnit.

Wednesday Zumba!!
So of course I went to the gym Wednesday and then I skipped alllll weekend. Friday and Saturday I was super busy anyways but Sunday I could have gone.  It was a beautiful day out and I should have gone for a long walk.  But no.  I sat inside all day.WTF. So dumb, but oh well. 

Of course as soon as I got back from vacation I went to the store and stocked up on chicken breasts and avocados.  My FAVORITE meal ever.  I love it!!!
YUM!!!  I could eat this everyday...oh wait...I DO!
Avocado, tomatoes, red onion, salt & pepper.  With plain ol' grilled chicken.
I love meal prepping and I try to do it every Sunday night.  I decided to do something different this week.   Instead of grilling a ton of chicken, I used a crock pot! I put 4 chicken breasts in there with some tastefully simple garlic garlic, ground pepper and a little olive oil.  I let it cook for 4 hours and it was yummmmy and tender.  And it stunk up my whole house   HAHAAHA.  I will use that chicken throughout the week for different meals. I never used to food prep and I would just eat cereal or eggs for dinner every night after the gym.  Food prepping really makes it easy to have a good healthy dinner when you have little time.  I usually only prep chicken and then add stuff to it to make a meal. (And by adding stuff I mean just eating it with avocados. hahahaha).

 I did zumba last night and it was ok.  It wasn't the best workout and I totally forgot my HRM...I hate when I do that! I like to see how many calories I am burning and what my heart rate gets up to.  Oh well...it was still a really fun sweat sesh. 

Monday Zumba
When I got home from the gym and showered up and such, it was around 8pm.  I had to whip something up for dinner and I got the idea of making some chicken salad.  I took some of the chicken I made Sunday night and shredded it up.  I put in some avocado for creaminess and added a whole vine tomato.  I also added just a little red onion.  It was missing something so I added a little dollop of miracle whip light.  It added just the flavor I was looking for.  This tasted SO good!  I ate it with some romaine and another tomato.  I also ate a few Popcorners with it.  SO YUMMY!  It was a great dinner!

I hope to go to the gym tonight. I need to get back into my groove.  I have my first personal training session Saturday morning!  SO EXCITED!! I need this jump start so I am really stoked to start! I hope she kills me and works me super hard.  I NEED IT! :)  I will update about that once the first session is done and over with and if I'm still alive.  Sike...I love to work hard when someone pushes me!!

So in other news...one last non weightloss related update.  UGH. I joined match.com.  Idk why I did...I don't really know what I want right now.  I joined with a friend and it has been a weird 2 weeks so far.  Boys in NJ are so weird.  I've gotten alot of emails and interest from the site, but no one I reallllly like so far. I've been on one date and the guy is really nice but he is way too much into it after only 1 date. We will see how that goes....I may be seeing him again this week.  I can't decide if I want to or not. HAHA!  I also have another date with a different guy this weekend.  He's really nice too so maybe that will be a good date? Idk...I just can't get into it.  Guess that means I'm still not ready to date?! Who knows. haha

My date outfit from my date last week!
Please excuse the busted blinds...my window broke them!
I guess the only thing about being on match that has been positive so far is that I have gotten a lot of guys emailing me and connecting with me.  It's def an ego boost.  I was also so nervous to put myself on those damn sites because I was afraid of the rejection.  I told myself that if I was going to go on there I was going to be 100% honest and make sure everyone saw the real me.  I posted a full body pic from the gym and put my body type as "big and beautiful."  I didn't want to portray someone I wasn't and then have someone be surprised when they met me. I wasn't expecting anyone to contact me...but they have been.  It makes me feel awesome that there are guys out there that don't care about physical appearance   WEIRD NJ GUYS, but still...I guess they count.  Ha. 

So enough about all that nonesense...

I hope this week I can make it to the gym 4 days!  I really want to get back into!  You know that feeling when you think you look super cute and then you see pictures of yourself and you look awful?  Yeah that happened this weekend.  I had some pictures taken at an even this past weekend and I looked awful in all of them...def motivation to work hard and keep losing weight!  I GOT THIS!


  1. I had the exact same attitude with online dating and made sure that the guys knew what they were gonna get (so to speak) and it really was a nice ego boost! Have fun with it! :)

  2. It's been too damned long girl :) Just kidding. I knew you were on vacation, but I still missed your comments and seeing how your life was going.

    I'm honestly so glad I'm married becuase dating sucks like so much I don't even want to think about it. I actually don't care what size you are or what your expectations are, dating sucks no matter what. Getting two people to connect is hard no matter the circumstance. You looked cute though so I see why he is obsessing over you :) You're an adorable girl so I get it.

    Vacations are hard on weight loss no matter what. I think it's okay to indulge but be mindful somewhat. Hell, drink it up... That's my plan for Maui in 6 weeks. Drink it up! So long as when we return to normal life we get right back at it, which you have clearly done so all is good.

    I am obsessed with avocado too. Chicken and avocado are like my favorite go to meal all the time. It is seriously amazing so no worries about eating it so much...Its like super healthy too.

    I hate it when I feel like I look great and then I see photos that make me realize that things were not as I mentally pictured them. Sometimes I think the camera lies... cause clearly my brain has to be right :)

    Glad you are back at it and I look forward to more frequent updates.... hint... hint...

  3. Oooh you could TOTALLY cook for me :) That sounds delicious! I'm thinking about venturing into online dating, but I'm just not sure yet. Maybe I will stick close to see how your adventure goes!