Monday, April 29, 2013

Personal Trainer Sesh...Personal Mess Sesh

So many updates for today!!  Where to start....let's start with something POSITIVE and awesome!
Old me vs New me
Now this is a visual!  And I actually really like this one! On the left you have the old unhealthy miserable me. I mean at the time I am not sure if I was actually miserable...but I look kinda gross so I should have been miserable lol.  My face is really chunky and I barely even have makeup on.  I prob didn't even care what I looked like. On the right is what I look like now.  I take care of my appearance and my face has def slimmed out.  This is not a picture that I took with the camera up in the's a normal pic! I put makeup on everyday and I spend time on my hair.  My how things have changed...I guess that's what happens when you work on your confidence. The difference is amazing.  I'm happy with this progress.

Now onto other things...........

I had my first personal training session this weekend!  WOW what an eye opener!! That's pretty much how I would sum up my first session.  Let's first start by saying how excited I was to start with Trish!  That is the AMAZING Wednesday night zumba instructor that I alwayssssss rave about.  I love her!!! She is so damn awesome.  I was super excited to start with her because I knew she would be an amazing trainer...and she is/was!  We met at the gym at 11am Saturday morning.  I was pumped.  Everything started out great.  Just talking about my background and my goals.  We started a warmup on the treadmill and then went into an empty aerobics room.  This is where the nightmare started hahaha.

Back story:  YES I have been working out consistently (minus when I had surgery and stuff) for the past 2.5 years.  So even though I weigh like 270lbs...I am in fair shape for my size.  However, I do not really weight train.  I do a few machines when I'm at the gym but def not anything like weight cardio stuff.  And that is what killllled me Saturday.  Like using the stepper with 10lb weights and doing circuit training with different weight cardio activities. I had to stop a few times because I felt nauseous. So embarrassing. My trainer is so awesome and she kept encouraging me saying the first time is the hardest but I was still really ashamed.  I couldn't even do a sit up. Like...I wanted to cry I was so ashamed of myself about that.  It was totally embarrassing and awful. It is def motivation to keep trying and try harder. It was def an eye opener as to how badly I suck and how out of shape I am.  Sad.  :(  But...everyone has to start somewhere I guess. I am really looking forward to this weeks session!  Prob on Saturday. I am so glad I started up with this trainer.  She is amazing.....

This is exactly why I wanted her and only her to train me.  She cares about the people she trains.  She doesn't look at me as a "job".  She wants me to succeed.  Just this post workout text made me feel so great!  I see other trainers at the gym and they are always on their phones or talking to other people while they are training with clients.  I didn't want that.  I wanted someone to actually care about my progress and be there for me as support and help me on this journey.  I def found that in Trish!  So excited! Love her!

Post trainer workout sesh. Feeling dead...but feeling awesome!
After Saturday mornings workout I was feeling so motivated!! I went to the grocery store and stocked up on healthy food and am ready to be serious again.  No more going out, no more drinking!  If I want this to work then I need to give up some things.  Eating out and drinking are 2 major things that stall my progress.  I will only be drinking on special occasions (like my friends Bachelorette party in June).

Here are the workouts from the week:

Wednesday zumba with a sub instructor!
She's crazy but helllllo amazing heart rate!!!
Such a good zumba workout!

Thursday walk.  So short because little Kirby was tired after a mile....

Sunday morning Zumba!
This instructor is crazy but amazing! (Same one as the sub on wed)
Such a good workout with her!

It was a pretty good workout week last week but I am not going to weigh in for a few days.  I plan on going to the gym more often now...maybe 5 days a week instead of 4.  I want this so bad and now that I have the extra help I am even more determined to get results. 

P.s.- My whole body hurts SO bad! I can barely  But I'm still going to the gym tonight!!! yesssss


  1. Did you work out at the gym or her house? Does she give you a plan during the week or is a once a week deal? I'm glad you "enjoyed" it!

    1. We worked out at the gym but she doesn't like to do that. Saturday I think we're going to a park. She will come to your house too. She follows up with you through the week. Tells you what she wants you to do and you're supposed to write it down. She said I can meet with her as much as I want but at $50 a pop....I can only do once a week! I love her!

  2. This is great news though! You can really tell the difference in your visual pic! Plus, props to you for doing this with a personal trainer. I think everyone goes in and feels defeated somewhat at first, but you are doing something so great for yourself! Good job!

  3. I'm so glad you like your trainer. I honestly think that is the hardest part almost, finding someone you connect with who actually motivates you. I think she will do wonders for you, if nothing else just keeping you motivated and on track. I love the idea of a trainer for sure but it can get pricey :) I am sure its worth it. I've often thought about it but I always chicken out. Nah... I actually just hate having appointments planned out. I like to live by the seat of my pants.

    I think the fact that your body was sore is a great thing. And I love her text message to you. Don't worry about the sit-ups... they are extremely hard at first but like everything else they get easier as we use those muscles. I am so excited to see the continued changes in you. Your comparison photo already shows so much but you are just going to be all the more amazing in 2013 from here on out. This is your year girl.... Your such a beautiful girl on the inside and out and I love getting to read about your journey. You inspire me to keep going!!!! Love ya :)

    1. You are amazing! You are so nice and you inspire me too!! You have done an amazing job and are an inspiration!!! You're support means so much to me!!! xoxoxoxoxxoxox <3