Monday, April 8, 2013

So Bad

I have been doing such a bad job keeping up with this blog lately!! Work has been so busy and that is usually when I post! Shhhhhh don't tell :)

Anyways, here is a little bit of an update:

I started a new DietBet today!  It is for a wedding I'm in this coming July.  It's so we all look fab in our dresses!  I am excited about it but a little nervous.  I am going on vacation April 10th-16th so watching what I eat and exercising may not be a priority that week.  Unfortunately.  Hopefully I can still do well on this DietBet!! Hopefully...

I do have some EXCITING news!!!!  You know how I'm OBSESSED with my Wednesday night zumba class?? Like I have a total girl crush on the instructor....WELL....she is going to be my new personal trainer!!! I'm so excited for this news!  I def need an extra push in the right direction.  I always wanted a personal trainer but the ones that are supplied by the gym are SO expensive! And I have seen them train and they are always on their phones and not really paying attention to their clients.  I don't want that. I want someone who would be my friend and genuinely care about me succeeding.  I think this trainer would be just that!!!  So it's a perfect match! :)  I'm super excited to start!

My last update is about my vacation!! WOOOO! I am going to Florida with a friend to visit another friends who lives in Ft. Myers.  Old people capital of FL! HAHA! We are probably going to go to Clearwater or St. Pete for the beach and then we are also headed to Orlando to hit up Disney and Universal Studios.  SO PUMPED!  I am so excited to sit on the beach! I know this vacay will be filled with drinking and poor food choices but I hope to not go too overboard.  But I will def be having some fun! SO EXCITED! Yay!

Once I get back from vacation I am going to be hitting the gym 4x a week again and trying to kick some ass during this DietBet!  April is going to be a GREAT month! :)

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  1. Florida sounds like fun. You are lucky you found a trainer you can connect with, I think it will make working out fun.