Monday, April 1, 2013

Weigh In and DietBet!

So first thing's first....let's start out with some great news and a weigh in!  I weighed in today at 268.2lbs which was a 1.8lb loss for a total of 47lbs!

YES! 2 things: I am FINALLY back in the 260's AND I WON MY DIETBET!!! Finally!!!!  After 3 failed attempts, I finally met my 4% goal on the 4th try! YAY!  It was a great experience as always.  DietBet is awesome and it really does give you the motivation to lose weight.  I love it.  It jump started my weightloss and I was able to lose 11+lbs in just 4 weeks!!! I ate better and worked out harder. Now...I just need to keep this going!  I need to see that 50lbs lost goal again.  I NEED to get back to where I was! I have to do this!!!  I am just as motivated as ever.  I will keep going!

It's been over a week since I had a blog update so lets recap the last week or so.  How exciting...haha. :)

Last Friday I had a little date night with one of my bffs.  Friday was my cheat meal day (yes, just meal, not day) and I had pizza for lunch.  Then my friend wanted to hang out so obvi I said yes.  We went to dinner and I made a dumb choice of eating buffalo wings and a salad. HAHAHA wings and a salad....funny.  I guess it's better than wings and a burger? Def. Anyways, after dinner we went and got fro yo.  I love those fro yo places where you make your own with toppings.  I obviously didn't put fruit on mine so it wasn't a very good choice.  So basically my cheat meal day turned into a cheat day and I was pretty mad at myself.  I decided as punishment I was going to the gym the next day and I WAS NOT allowed to leave until my heart rate monitor said I burned 1,000 calories. I don't always trust the machine calorie burned stats, so I had to reach 1,000 on my HRM.

BOOM! Done and done.
I was there for 2 hours!  1hr on treadmill and 1 hr on elliptical.
HRM says 1,017 and machines said 1,251.
It's funny because I see people on IG posting their workouts and they always burn 1,000 calories in like an hour or so.  It takes me so much longer and I am def putting work in. I come out sweaty as hell and my heart rate is always high.  So I have no idea why it's so much harder for me...but everyone is different.  You shouldn't compare yourself with others.

So my workout Saturday was bomb.  I felt awesome.  But I'm not going to whole body hurt.  I still made it to the gym on Sunday.

Sunday Workout.
GIRLS got me through my cardio!
1hr on 2 different elliptical machines.
Side note:  I HATE when you are working out and your machine stops because you hit the wrong button by accident.  I get so mad. That happened to me on Sunday when I was halfway through my hour workout! I stopped and switched machines.  It was a good workout though!!

Because of Passover I had to skip zumba on Monday   I didn't end up working out again until skank zumba on Wednesday. Love the zumba instructor on Wednesdays...she makes you feel like an amazingly sexy woman!! YEAH BUDDY!

Wednesday Zumba!

Friday workout!
I was off for Good Friday so I put in some work at the gym!
It was a great week food wise and workout wise. Once I got the bad food out of my system from that Friday night, I was able to eat well the rest of the week!  Including Passover dinner!  Lot's of veggies and healthy options for me!  I haven't been to the gym since Friday but I was able to eat healthy all weekend (besides a few pieces of pizza on Saturday) and  I AM going to the gym tonight!  My DietBet is over but that does not mean my motivation went away! I am still as motivated as ever!

I've only worn my skinny jeans a few times this winter.  I was still unsure of them.
I wore them out last Friday and I really loved the way they looked on me!
They are somewhat flattering, which I wasn't expecting.

I am really excited with my progress from the month of April.  I hope to keep it up!! I want to do another DietBet in May!  Keep me posted people! I want to join one! :)


  1. Dang, I just realized that I forgot to comment on this, I thought I did, but clearly in all of my being busy I forgot to say CONGRATULATIONS on winnning your dietbet. You are doing so amazing right now and I am completely enjoying reading about your journey here... I look forward to your updates, but you don't update as much as i'd like to read :) HA... Anyway, you are doing awesome and you are definately going to keep seeing great results with your awesome attitude.

    BTW, I love the skinny jeans, they look great!!!!