Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Holiday Weekend?? NO PROBLEM!

Memorial Day weekend.  Usually a weekend full of beach trips, binge drinking and BBQs.  Not for this girl! Yes, that does sound like so much fun but I have goals.  In order for me to achieve those goals I must limit those type of events and have weekends where I focus mainly on my healthy lifestyle.  This was one of those weekends.

My last post ended with my killer workout with Trish on Thursday night.  You know...the one where she kicked my ass and I burnt over 1,100 calories by running, walking, training and zumbaing? It was awesome. I had such an awesome week last week that I was so motivated for the weekend.  I did end up taking a rest day on Friday because I worked out 4 days in a row and my body needed the break.  I was back at it on Saturday morning though so I could make sure to hit my 5-6x a week goal!

My new kicks came in and I was anxious to try them out!  I LOVE them!  I did some running on Saturday morning mixed with some incline walking.  One hour of cardio and I was feeling great!

Saturday morning workout.
Aren't my new shoes cute?!
Love them!

One of my favorite classes to go to on the weekends is Sunday morning zumba!  It's a lot of fun and VERY high energy!  In fact...the lady that teaches it is a little crazy but in a fun, I'm going to kick your ass, way.  I usually miss this class because I can't make it to the gym by 9:45am on a Sunday for 28 year old single girl reasons (I don't think I need to spell that out. Hungover). Since this 3 day weekend was a "health weekend" I was able to make it by 9:45am and get in an awesome and FUN zumba workout!

Sunday Zumba
So much fun!
I love a challenging class!  It feels so good to be dead tired and push yourself to keep going.  It is also a great feeling to see your improvements from week to week.  I hope I can make it to Sunday zumba again this weekend!!  And every weekend! :)

Monday I had off from work so thankfully I didn't go to that horribly boring Monday night zumba.  I instead went to the gym and did my own workout. Unfortunately I wasn't really feeling it and ended up doing a half ass cardio workout.  I did 1hr on the elliptical which usually doesn't get my heart rate up like running does.  I knew I was taking the easy way out on Monday but I was glad I at least got a workout in.

Monday Sweat Sesh
Love my ankle progress
I know this sounds weird but I LOVE running ankles.  I think they are so sexy.  I love when a guy has nice weird....I know.  But I really want nice ones too.  I can def see mine changing and that makes me happy!  It must be all the dancing/zumba/running I've been doing! YES!  Also...machine calorie counts lie lie lie. They can not be trusted. They def over estimate, even when you put your actual weight into the machine. I would love to think I burned 814 calories but there is no way!  My HRM said around 500...which is respectable, so I am happy with this "half ass" workout...I suppose.

With it being Memorial Day on Monday I was really wanting a burger!  I had a burger in the freezer made with 95/5 ground beef that is actually really lean and so good. I made the mistake of going to Wegmans hungry that day and was just circling all the prepared food in that hell section for something to go with my Memorial Day "healthy" burger.  If anyone hasn't been to's similar to Whole Foods (only I think it's 10x better).  So awesome.  Probably why I got so fat in the first place...haha.  Donuts...mmmm...NO!  Sandwiches...mmmm...NO! Everything at Wegmans...mmmm...NO!!!!  I did so good and I fought temptation to have a Memorial Day splurge.  I decided on making a salad at the salad bar with spring mix, feta, cucumber, mushrooms, beets and other veggies.  When I got home I made my burger on a 100 calorie sandwich thin and added olive oil and balsamic to my salad.  Strawberries for dessert and there you have my made over Memorial Day dinner!

So yummy.  Def hit the spot!
I love taking an unhealthy craving and twisting it around into a somewhat healthy option.  It's fun to do that and it def works!  I do it often with pizza too!  A "healthy" version of something is always a better option than the restaurant version!  In most cases at least!  It's def not usually a clean version...but every meal can't be a clean meal!  I mean it could be...but for me at this won't be. Ha!

So with a great Memorial Day weekend in the past, I was already on a roll to start my week!  Last night I went to my trainers Body Pulse and Abs class.  Ughhhh this classsssss.  Killer.  So killer.  It challenges me the most out of any class that I take.  It is HARD and I get so mad when I can't do a specific exercise everyone else is doing so I end up pushing myself to my limits.  Sometimes my body just quits on me and I can't (hate that word) finish the workout completely.  Trish pushed us hard last night and there were a few times I had to stop and pull myself together.  Mostly when she made us do pushups, backward rows, squats and suicides.  50 each....3 sets.  Sounds easy right? Um no...not for me at least. I had to take a moment here and there. HA! I was drippppping sweat this entire workout and that is an awesome feeling! When I reach that level I know I am pushing myself HARD!  I will be doing lunges on the stepper and sweat just drips down in front of me.  Awesome achievement I think.  Totally gross...but so bad ass.  If I don't look like a hot mess after this class...I know I wasn't giving it my all.  I just love this class so much because it's so challenging.  An easy class gives you nothing to work for.  My main goal with this class is to be able to do the whole class without doing altered poses /workouts.  If she tells us to do 50 burpees...I want to be able to do them.  And hopefully one day....I WILL!

I always say this but I am just so happy I invested in myself and my weightloss journey by getting a personal trainer.  Working with Trish has lit something inside me and I am so determined right now.  I love it.  She was a perfect choice and is so awesome.  Last night during the class my quads were so tight that it hurt really bad to do the lunges, like something was being strained.  After the class I approached her and she helped me stretch it out.  Later that night she even texted me to see how I was doing.  I LOVE THIS!  A trainer that actually cares about your progress and wants you to succeed!  I couldn't have made a better choice than working with her.  So grateful for her. <3
This woman is amazing!
She is helping me save my life <3

This week so far has been awesome!  I have been kicking ass and my weight is finally starting to change!  At first I was seeing a small gain and no change but now that I have been lifting for a few more weeks, the weight is starting to come off! YAY!  I will do a weigh in soon!

Tonight I have my double class of zumba and kickboxing back to back.  I am looking forward to a night dedicated to working out! I love that feeling of accomplishment when it's done, esp if I can get to 1,000 calories burned! :)  My plan for the rest of the week is to keep hitting the gym.  I have my training session with Trish on Friday so I am looking forward to that torture.  I am excited for another excellent week!!


  1. You look so cute in your workout clothes!

    1. I try haha! You never know who could be working out at the gym...lots of cute boys!! :)

  2. Just want to say, I love seeing you post the polar f4 monitor information, you inspired me to get one. I feel like now I'll be more open to embracing exercise that doesn't involve a machine telling me how I'm doing you showed the value with the difference between the elliptical and your HRM. Thanks for the inspiration!

    1. Good! I am so glad you got one! I love mine! It really lets you know when you need to push yourself to get to the next level!

      I really dislike the calorie counts on the machines! They are so misleading! A HRM can't lie! :)

      Have fun with your new "toy"!!! :)

  3. I love your trainers! And I really like your polar the same one but in different colour! I love Zumba classes too..they are hard but so much fun!! Well done with your exercise! Looking good girl :)
    Greetings from UK :)