Thursday, June 27, 2013

Feeling Awesome!

It feels SO good to be back to my old normal gym routine! I love it!  And you know what else is amazing?!  Not only do I look forward to getting to the gym to workout, but also to see people! I have made some really cool "gym friends" who are super nice and supportive!  We are each others accountability and I love working out with them in class!  It just makes going to the gym that much more fun!  Ok so on to my workouts so far this week! YAY! :)

Monday night is a zumba night! I love zumba but Monday's are usually not my fav. The instructor was so blah and just not that awesome. Well..she left and a sub has been teaching the class the past few weeks.  She has no energy either buttttt her songs are FUN!  She does a country song which is so much fun.  Now...I HATE country music. Alot.'s different than what you would expect in a zumba class so I actually was loving it! And it was fun to dance to! Next Monday Trish will be taking over for that zumba class! YES! Zumba with Trish on Mondays AND Wednesdays! My dream come true!

Monday Zumba!
Tuesday nights have been my Body Pulse and Abs class.  If you read my blog often you know this class is my biggest challenge. There are a lot of moves that I can't quite do yet but am trying hard to conquer (ahem burpees and regular pushups).  I finally conquered my box jump fears and was able to do them Tuesday night! YES!  One thing down! Ha! Unfortunately tho some of the exercises were really hurting my back!  I guess my muscle strain from the accident still isn't 100% better. Bummer.  It hurt alot during some exercises like when I had to hold the heavy weights in my hand and do lunges/step ups on the stepper thing. My back got really sore and it hurt! I was really upset and frustrated (I cried haha) because I am so ready to be done with all my set backs and just keep going forward!  I was unable to do some of the class because of my back but still managed to reach 500 calories. I still love this class tho...I love a good challenge! Hopefully next week my back will be better and I can just try my best the WHOLE class!

Tuesday night Body Pulse and Abs class
Low average heart rate because there is a lot of laying down and doing weights!
I love/hate that because it's good exercise but ruins your heart rate average lol.
Wednesday nights have ALWAYS been my favorite day to work out! My gym friends and I have nicknamed Wednesday, "Double Wednesday!!"  We all love to hate Wednesdays (but secretly just love them).  Not only do I have zumba with my fav instructor ever, Trish (I talk about her alot...geeze) but I also do a kickboxing class right after with another awesome instructor Helen (she's crazy...).  I really think the instructors make the class. If they are fun and high energy then they will make you feel the same way.  2 hours of high energy fun cardio...I LOVE IT!

Zumba last night was so fun, as always.  Lot's of fun skanky dancing with my gym friends! I burned around 500 calories and my back was even hurting me a bit.  We do a lot of body rollling and twisting and that was really the only thing that was killing my back.  It was pretty sore when I attempted to do some of those moves so I had to improvise and leave some of them out. I was still able to get in a great workout that hour so I was happy!

After zumba came kickboxing! Yikes! This is a really high energy class but a lot of fun. The instructor is awesome and so crazy.  In that class we use boxing gloves to punch the bag (so fun when you pretend it's some assholes face), run, high intensity cardio, planks, ab exercises, kicks and everything in between. It's fast paced and I sometimes struggle to keep up.  I love it tho.  I mean look at my heart rate! I swear there wasn't a time I looked at my HRM and saw it below 160 during this class.  Love it!

Side note: At the end of kickboxing they played blurred lines and that is my jam right now.  I was getting into it and the instructor tried to get me to come to the front of the class to dance with her. Ha!! I was too shy but maybe someday I won't be!  I would have done it if I was drunk...

Double Wednesday!
Zumba & Kickboxing
1,000+ Calories baby!
After last nights workout I feel great! I am sore all over but that's a GOOD thing! Tonight I'm supposed to go to a House Party Fitness class at a new gym with a work friend.  It sounds really fun! Kinda like zumba only not latin inspired.  Should be a fun time!  Then Friday I have a personal training session! Woo!! It will be a great workout week for me, that's for sure!

On a different note: everyone should know by now how I feel about fashion. Esp plus size girl fashion.  I always like to break the stereotype that big girls have no fashion or don't know how to dress.  So here are a few of my outfits this week.  The pink and black one may be my fav from this group! :)

Yellow is my favorite color.

Pink and Black

Green and Navy

I hope that everyone is having a great week and working hard to accomplish their goals!  Please remember that if you have a weightloss blog, fashion blog or just a cool blog, let me know! I want to follow! :) xoxo


  1. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the dress under the pink cardigan. What is it??? I mean where is it?? You know what I mean. So cute. You seriously have the best fashion sense. Sometime I wish my work was more than just sitting in a construction office where they want me to wear jeans every day cause I would rock some awesome dresses, but alas I guess I shouldn't complain about getting to wear jeans every day. But I'm slightly jealous of your gorgeous daily dresses. You are such a beautiful girl! And yes, girls should always look good, something I totally forgot when I gained weight. But you do such a marvelous job at it! Love you :)

    And let's talk about those workouts, no wonder you are feeling amazing because you've earned it. Those are some great workouts. Ab work/stuff is hard for anyone Julie so don't worry about it, we all struggle thru stuff. Even my amazingly inspirational class instructor last night kept saying how tired she was and this girl is SOLID, like a total athlete so that made me feel better :)

    Your workouts continue to inspire me and push me; I hope you know how much of an inspiration you are to people, myself included. Just love you. :)

    1. HA! It's an old navy dress and I am pretty sure I paid like $3.99 for it! I love it! It's a few years old now but they have a lot of LBD's on their site! I love cheap ON dresses! My fav!!

      Love you too! xoxoxoxoxoo

  2. Fabulous outfits! And your pink/black sneakers are totally adorable!

  3. Awesome work out. I love your outfits.