Thursday, June 13, 2013

Helllllllo Terrible Week!

Wow...what a week this has been.  Seriously where to start.  It has just been one bad thing after another, a complete nightmare (drama queen anyone??).  Annnnnd yesterday was the cherry on top of my poisonous sundae.  Yikes.

Pinned between 2 cars!

That my friends, is how my morning started yesterday :(  My baby!!!! I have had that car since highschool (2003, I'm kinda old).  Wahhhh.  It was a terrifying experience as I was pinned against 2 cars...I couldn't even get out and it will be a mess to clean up.  I 'm pretty sure my car is totaled :(  Not to mention my back is hurt, so a doctor appointment with HOT DOC today!!! Who would have ever thought I would go back to Hot Doc?! I know the circumstances are terrible but...come on's Hot Doc!

Needless to say, I have to apologize for the lack of fitness related posts that will be coming in the near future.  Obviously I am not able to work out until I see Hot Doc.  Hopefully my back just got whipped around and is ok...nothing serious. Fingers crossed because I am HOPING to be back to my 6x a week gym routine next week! (I NEED it!! This has been a bad week!).

Speaking of it being a bad's Thursday and I have only been to the gym ONCE so far! Yikes!  Here's that's actually a pretty awesome story.

So Monday was a terrible weather day here in South Jersey.  Tornado warnings and downpours.  I was feeling blah and was totally about to skip my Monday zumba class and just go home and catch up on housework and sleep.  Thennnnnnnnnn my trainer texted me.

Hahaha soooo I ended up going to zumba, which was awesome!  I'm glad she texted me!  It's like she was meant to be my trainer! I love her and I'm so thankful for her! xoxoxo.  It was a pretty good workout but I didn't take any pictures! Weird...I know.  That's pretty much the only fitness related item I even have to talk about this week! BUMMER!

I am hoping that I can get back into my normal routine on Sunday.  I have a beach weekend planned this weekend so as soon as I get back I am getting back to business.  At first I was worried about having this half ass fitness week ruin my motivation and momentum. week will NOT derail me.  If anything, at least I can give my body a rest...I was starting to feel worn out.  My knees started to hurt a little and I was always exhausted.  I'm not worried! I know I will be right back on track next week!

In the meantime, I apologize about the lack of exercise/health posts!! Stay tuned! THEY WILL BE BACK! :)

Fingers crossed about my back! xoxo


  1. I've already said it to you so this will be short, sorry about the bad luck but this is just life sometimes. Doesn't mean its going to stop you. So, you had a bad week... it happens... you keep going.. as I know you will!!!

    Life goes up and down and there are moments when we can't get in 6 workouts and I know you know that. You are a very grounded woman. No big deal, your health is more important. Listen to hot doc and you will be back at it... I'm sure.

  2. YIKES - that car looks bad!! Hopefully your back isn't hurt too badly.
    Sorry that you have had such a bad week - hopefully that turns around soon!

  3. I hope that your back is better soon! I hope that I can learn to let my slip ups slide without beating myself up and getting derailed!