Friday, July 19, 2013

Gym Motivation...Where You At??

Yup. Pretty much sums up my week!  For some reason I just had NO motivation to get to the gym.  5-6x a week? HA not this week...try only 3!!!  3!!!!!! AHHH!  I mean...I guess that's ok...we all have off weeks I suppose. As long as I get back into my momentum next week...right?  Right! I think this week was just off because my trainer was on vacation and I needed a little help with motivation.  I really need a training session with her soon!!! Hopefully next week I can scrape up some money.  Fingers crossed.

So a quick little Friday/end of the week update.

Went to the gym Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. I already recapped my M & T workouts so here is Wednesdays...

Double Wednesday! My favorite! Zumba and kickboxing back to back.  I always try to hit 1,000 calories on this day and I did! Yeah!

At kickboxing.
I always love hitting the bag.
Esp when I pretend it's someones face.

Zumba & Kickboxing
1,000 calorie burn.
I had every intention of leaving work on Thursday and going for a nice 5 mile walk outside.  Then I got home and it was 97* and humid out and to quote Fat Amy... "mmmmm better not."  I just have not been wanting to go to the gym! Every day was a struggle to get there.  I'm not sure if it's the fact that I'm over the same routine every week or if I'm just having an off week.  But it has been terrible!  Bah!!!  I am really hoping next week goes better.  

Lucky for me I have been on point with my food this week.  I have been able to get back down to like 268 which is right on schedule for my ANNOYING 5lb fluctuation that has been happening FOREVER FOR-EV-ER! You know...get down to like 267-268 during the week and then after the weekend I'm back to 272 even if I only have one cheat meal or drink a few beers.  Frustrating. And I know everyone reading this is probably like "well then just don't drink" or "well then just don't have a cheat meal." DUH.  Obviously that would probably fix the problem but that is NOT what MY weight loss journey is about.  MINE is about a lifestyle change that I can keep forever.  I'm sorry but I'm 28 years old and I will not be avoiding beer or pizza the rest of my life.  I'm not going to go to a wedding or party and eat lettuce dipped in water.  Sorry...not my style.  So instead of giving those things up entirely, I am trying to find a way to live a healthy lifestyle including indulgences like that.  I mean I have already lost 50lbs by doing it is possible. Having one cheat day meal will not make me gain 5lbs nor will drinking a few beers.  So something is going on with my body that is making me plateau.  I will figure it out eventually.  Until then I am going to keep on going the way I am.  Maybe switch up some workouts to see if that helps.  Ok that little rant is over now.

Oh one last thing.  I have been doing pretty good this summer with controlling my shopping obsession.  I would have to thank Old Navy for that.  They haven't had too many amazing dresses this summer that I had to have like they did last summer.  I did recently buy this dress from ModCloth...

I just can't resist nautical...

OK that's it for now...hopefully my week next week will be a little better in the motivation department!  I'm sorry for the ehhh week and my attitude about the gym.  I guess the positive in all of this is that I am more motivated to do better next week! :)

Side note: Ummmmm the people who read this blog leave amazing comments.  Seriously.  Amazing.  I try to respond to every single one because...they are just always SO nice!! I am really lucky to have some awesome people joining me on this journey! PLEASE if you have a blog that I'm not following...please let me know! I've tried to follow them all but I may have missed a few.  I love reading them when I can! xoxoxo

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Ummmmmmmmmm did I NOT just write about this in my blog?! MY TRAINER IS BACK! Annnnd that means that I am now back on track because she motivates me. <3 Lover her.


  1. That dress is too cute - glad you didn't pass it up!!
    And, good for you to try to figure out what works for your body workout wise - if you cut out your cheats you might end up hurting yourself in the long run!!

  2. I'm so lucky to have a home gym ... I know if I had to actually leave the house to go I'd talk myself out of it. But to just pop downstairs ... NO excuses. In fact, I try to do it several times a day.

    Love your Fat Amy quote! The home gym is the coolest place in the house too. Another plus.

    Keep plugging away! *Ü*

  3. Wow so cool that your trainer text you to keep you on track. That is awesome! Maybe for your weekends trying changing up your drinks? Something other than beer? Maybe a mixed drink? My bff and I love using Crystal light with vodlka or rum! lol Or tequila in the margarita ones. Plus you can get in some water too! Hahahaha!

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