Friday, July 26, 2013

It's Friday!!! Weekly Recap!

It's been a whole weeeeek since I last updated!! I have been busyyyyy at work and everyone knows that's when I usually post. HA! Employee of the year...what what!

This week was a pretty successful week!  I was on point with my food intake and I hit up the gym even though I had to force myself to go some days! I'm not sure why but the past week it has been a struggle to make myself go to the gym.  I think what happened is I lost the obsession.  This always happens.  I get super obsessed for a few weeks and then it dies down a bit. I mean, don't get me wrong, I am still motivated and's just a little harder when I'm not completely obsessing about it all the time (Emily, I know you understand about this! ha!).

I am going to start off with a little picture motivation.  This is so important!  Especially when you are plateauing and finding it hard to find motivation when you aren't seeing the scale budge.  AKA me at this moment. I often get frustrated with the constant weight fluctuation and get down on myself for not being stronger physically but especially mentally.  When this happens I have to try to pull myself out of it and STAY POSITIVE. So important.  So here is my weekly picture motivation.

I love this one for 3 reasons:

  1. It shows a physical difference in my face.  Yes, I am aware that the camera angle is probably different but, you can def tell a difference in my cheeks and chin. Woo!
  2. There is a good 5 year difference between the two pictures and that makes me happy because this is a journey. It has taken me a long time to get where I am and I know it will take me an even longer time to get where I want to be.  And that is okay! Be Positive. Be Patient. Be Persistent. 
  3. This picture not only shows a weight difference but also other differences. I am a confident girl now.  I love how I look and I embrace it. I wear make up. I love fashion. I walk with my head held high.  The girl in the picture on the left wasn't like that.  And to me, that is a great transformation!

Ok so now here is my weekly gym recap:

Last weekend I was in Delaware.  I didn't hit the gym or exercise all weekend and ehhh...that's ok!  I'm always active so it's not like I'm just sitting at home doing nothing.  So we will let that slide.

Monday night was zumba!  I didn't "feel like" being there but I went and made the best of it.  I actually put alot into it and had fun.  I got a pretty good burn!

Monday Zumba
 I always love when I can take a class and burn 500 calories in 1 hr so I don't have to go on the treadmill after!  Everyone knows my rule, I will not leave the gym unless I burn at least 500 calories/workout! To me that is just a mini goal I set for myself each gym sesh.  It makes me really work harder just so I can 1. accomplish my goal and 2. go home after a workout instead of continuing to reach the goal. haha! Whatever works right?  I am a fan of setting mini goals!

Tuesday night I was supposed to go to that Body works class but I lost my wallet and I was freaking out!  I knew that after work I had to go straight home to find it and spending an extra hour at the gym would just not work for me that night.  I was annoyed because I hate missing this class!! It's such a good workout and burn. UGH!  But I did go home and my wallet wasn't there! I ended up leaving it at petsmart...dumb.

I made up for missing Tuesday by doing my favorite...DOUBLE WEDNESDAY! I love me some double Wednesday!  1 hour of zumba followed by 1 hour of kickboxing! My goal every week is to burn 1,000+ calories and I always make that goal! I love it! I am dead tired after it, but I love it!

Double Wednesday
1 Hour of Zumba
1 Hour of Kickboxing
My gym sessions this week have been pretty good! I have a training session with my personal trainer this afternoon.  Thank goodness because it has been awhile.  Maybe she will light another fire inside me and I will be set for an amazing week next week!  Looking forward to ending the week strong at the gym!


  1. Great job, can't wait for before/after pics!

  2. Hi, I've just found your blog and wanted to say a big well done. Forget the camera angle in the photo - you look like a different person. Congrats.