Friday, July 12, 2013

Weekly Recap

Happy Friday!  It feels like I write the same old posts over and over again. I guess I am just not creative enough to do a weekly recap post and make every single one different! Ha!  So here we week in a nutshell:

I am first going to start off with a progress picture that I made yesterday.  I always need a visual reminder of how far I've come.  Obviously after my post last week I was feeling a little down discouraged. Sometimes when I feel like that I like to try on old clothes that are now too big or look at pictures from when I wasn't at my absolute best.  This picture helped for sure.

315+lbs vs 268lbs
The picture on the left was from 2007 in Italy when I studied abroad my senior year of college.  #1...what was I wearing?!  This was def before I had an interest in fashion that's for sure.  #2. My roll ughhh. I am a HUGE (no pun intended HA!) advocate for dressing your current body to its best potential.  Meaning...not having your rolls show. And loooook ughhhh that huge roll hanging over! Such a pet peeve of mine and I am so embarrassed of it just hanging out there. Damn. #3. I def still have that cardigan and I just recently put it in the donation pile because it is now way too big for me. I should take a pic of me wearing it standing in the same position and take a pic!  This picture makes me happy.  I know that the gym picture is at a weird angle which prob makes me look smaller than I am, but I still can tell a difference. Yeah!

So on to my workouts...It was a pretty good week!  I was able to hit the gym Sun-Wed but unfortunately that means I did not meet my 5x/week goal.  Bummer. Of course I could have woken up at 5am and gotten to the gym Thursday morning and even this morning...buttttt...yeah.  So here are my workouts.

Monday Zumba

Tuesday Body Pulse & Abs
My hardest classsss
(But fav)
Double Wednesday!!!
Zumba & Kickboxing
Can't wait to get my pink boxing gloves!

4x this week, 5x last week.
Hopefully 6x next week :)
This app is called Streaks
Everyone always asks for it!
So all in all I had some really great workouts!  For still being a "big" girl at 268lbs I am pretty athletic and "in shape."  I can hold my own in my cardio classes. I will say that on double Wednesday I do struggle with the kickboxing cardio section. I'm not sure if it's just too hard for me or if my body is just tired from already doing 1hr of zumba.  I would be interested in seeing if I do only the kickboxing class if I could keep up.  But come on now...that will never happen because I CAN NOT miss a Wednesday zumba class! My fav! :)

On to a few food items.

Zuccini Pasta

Ummm Shrimp Omelette?
So this week I made 2 "new" dinners.  I strayed from my go to chicken & avocado dinner. I miss it hahaha! On Monday night I prepped a huge pot of zucchini pasta.  Almost exactly the same as the pasta dish I made last week only instead of making it with pasta I used julienne zucchini strips. It was SO good!  I def recommend skipping real pasta and subbing zucchini.  Yummmm. And it was so healthy! Olive oil, garlic, tomatoes, roasted chicken breast, alot of zucchini, spinach and a little bit of feta.  Bang bang. Gunna make this one again soon!

The other dinner was a random ass dinner I put together on Wednesday at 9pm after my double cardio classes.  The zucchini pasta only lasted 2 nights because I didn't make enough so Wednesday I had nothing prepped for dinner.  Super annoying.  I didn't want to defrost and cook chicken so I grabbed some frozen shrimp and threw it with some eggs. HA! Not as weird as I thought...actually kinda good!  Ate it with my classic avocado, tomato and red onion mixture. Yum! Lot's of protein that night! (Which we all know is good for post workout meals.  Thanks to my guest post!)

Now on to yet ANOTHER mental weightloss issue...of course.

The reason I couldn't workout yesterday was because I was prepping for the big weekend I have coming up.  My friend is getting married and I'm a bridesmaid!!! Yikes.  I'm leaving in about 2 hours to head down to the eastern shore of Maryland for the events today and the actual wedding tomorrow.  I am SO nervous!! I had big plans for this know...lose more weight.  That didn't happen and now I am freaking out about the dress.  I am so scared it will look horrible and I will ruin all of the wedding pictures.  I even apologized to my friend for still being fat for her wedding. Ugh.  I know that I will get yelled at by people for talking like this but it's how I feel.  I want my friend to have a perfect wedding with perfect pictures. I am just so nervous that I am going to ruin them all.  I keep saying this over and over and over. I am usually a confident girl but not when I'm taken out of my comfort zone.  I have to wear this dress sleeveless!! Yikes. I have a really hard time going sleeveless and I'm hoping my strength training has helped a little in that department. I HOPE.

Wish me luck for this weekend...hopefully all of this nonsense is just in my head and it will all turn out fine.  I will post some pictures from the wedding next week..IF I look ok in this dress.  Let's hope hair and makeup helps. AHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! Here I go...


  1. Have fun at the wedding and remember that your friend loves you for YOU. You are beautiful and will look beautiful in the pictures and she will just remember that you were there supporting her!

  2. I know what you mean about the wedding and the dress...remember that you are your own worst critic. No one else looks at you and thinks you are going to ruin the pictures, only you!

    Congrats on such a great week...exercise and good eats are looking easy for you! I just got a julienne gadget for veggies. I haven't used it yet, but I'm looking forward to zuchinni noodles, too!

    1. It's so sad that we criticize ourselves so much...but everyone always just keeps doing it! Bummer. Thank you love! The zucchini noodles were awesome! I might cook them a little less to keep them on the crunchy side just to help the texture of the dish. Everything was soft so having a crunchy element would have been better! I hope you use that julienne soon! So good! :)

  3. You SHOULD take a picture wearing that cardigan. It would be a great contrast. Not that we can't already see the progrees. Jeez, Woman, amazing work!

    You remind me of how I thought I would be at my friend's wedding. I actually just wrote a post about how even though I didn't lose all the weight I wanted to, I didn't feel like I ruined that pictures (someone else did, jk) and it was a really good experience. Hope it will be/was for you too!

    1. I totally am going to try to find where I put that pink cardi and will take a pic!!! I need to find that post of yours! Love when people know exactly what I'm thinking/feeling!!!


  4. Hi, I'm glad I stumbled across your blog. You're doing great with your workouts. I love shrimp and I would have never have thought to put it in eggs, but I love that idea. The zucchini pasta looks good, too. Also, I was born in Maryland, right in Baltimore. I moved to Pennsylvania 7 years ago, though when I met my husband. By the way, I'm sure you're going to look great at the wedding, so have fun.

    1. Hi!!!! Thank you so much! :)

      So weird right...shrimp and eggs?! It was an impulse decision of desperation because I didn't have any other protein to add! HA! It was a good decision tho! I actually ate it again this week!! The zucchini pasta is SO good!! I am going to make another big pot of it this weekend for meals next week. YUM! :)

      I love Baltimore! So cool, such a pretty harbor and fun city! It's cool to have someone local read my blog! PA! Woop! I'm like 5 mins away from Philly on the NJ side. :)


  5. It's always inspiring to find blogs from people with the desire and wherewithal to DO something about a healthier lifestyle. Those recipes look amazingly delicious, people forget sometimes that dieting doesn't mean stopping eating the things that taste the best :)

    You're doing fantastic, and am hoping to find more posts like this on your blog in future. Send us recipes!!!

    1. Thank you so much love!!! I try to keep my healthy eats exciting so I don't get bored! Any recipes you want, just let me know! I never really follow recipes and just throw crap together but I try to let you know what I put in my meals! :)