Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Yeahhhhh BUDDY!

First off...I am SO sorry for titling my post with a typical Jersey slang word.  I'm not even originally from Jersey (Delaware baby, woop woop), but I say this all.the.time. How obnoxious.

I am going to start this post with a progress picture that I posted to Instagram yesterday for Transformation Tuesday.  It makes me feel really happy to see it.  It's always very motivating to try on clothes that used to not fit and have them be way big.  So here we go:

When I first found this picture, and yes...I had to dig DEEP to locate it, I cringed.  I was SO taken aback as to how it looks. I'm embarrassed and sad to see it.  This was right before I started my weightloss journey, Dec 2010, and I was floating around my heaviest at 315lbs.  I remember this night so well...I was at a wedding and I had nothing to wear because this dress was SO tight I couldn't zipper it.  So in the end I ended up wearing it unzippered and having the cardigan hide the open zipper.  Yikes. Yesterday I slipped the dress on without unzipping it and had room to spare, as you can see. Other differences are that the dress is not as short because it's too big so it now falls past my knees and the bust area is so baggy that my bra hangs out and looks awful. It's actually unflattering to wear now so I am probably going to have to donate it.  Which....makes me kinda sad because this was always a cute go to dress when I needed something fancy to wear.  I guess I get attached to clothes but it's always fun shopping to replace them. ;)

Ok soooo I know I promised I would write about the wedding I was in this weekend and show some pictures so here we go....

The wedding was wonderful. The whole weekend was fab. My friend has some damn good taste and everything turned out just perfect for her! I am so happy that I was a part of her special day. It's not really my place to go around posting pictures of her wedding so I will wait until the professional pictures come out to show you all of the amazingness.  Let's just say that the wedding took place at a manor with surrounding fields and river views. Absolutely stunning.  So let's start with what everyone keeps asking me about.....the bridesmaid dress.

The dress was super cute!  It was a mint/teal color and was an infinity dress.  Meaning it was a Marilyn Monroe dress that had super long straps that you could twist and wrap in a million different ways.  It was really cute.  Buttttt I was SO nervous about it.  I'm a big girl and it made me nervous to have a dress that I couldn't try on before ordering, not to mention a dress where my arms were out and about.  When the dress came in I tried it on and it looked awful on me. I was so sad.  I didn't want to look bad in my friends wedding and ruin all of her pictures so I was worrying about this dress for the weeks/months leading up to the big day.  Wearing this dress put me soooo out of my comfort zone.  All the other bridesmaids looked great in them, and then there was me looking like a hot mess.  The worst part was that I felt like you could see my giant roll at my belly the whole I kept worrying and obsessing about that.  I feel bad because I know the bride could tell I was uncomfortable and it was NOT her job to worry about that on her wedding day.

The Dress
I ended up wearing the dress as a halter that criss crossed int he back and wrapped around the front and then tying the left over straps in the back.  I got my hair and makeup done and I decided to keep my hair down because I look better like that and to give me a little extra comfort by covering some of my body with it down. I'm weird...I know.

I love fake eyelashes :)
So that's the wedding and it was a great ceremony and reception.  It was HOT out so towards the end of the reception me and another bridesmaid decided it was a great idea to jump in the pool in our dresses.  It was fun hahahahaaha and the bride wasn't mad at us! :)

So now on to some workout things.  Of course I drank and ate alot this weekend.  I also never made it to the gym so I was excited  I started back up on my gym routine on Monday.  I def was NOT excited, in fact I was dreading it.  Monday and Tuesday was a struggle for me to even make it to the gym...but I made it there.  Thank goodness.

Monday Zumba & Running
Trish, my trainer and class instructor for a few classes, is on vacation so we have substitues for our classes.  It is just not the same...COME BACK! haha! Monday zumba only burned 400 calories! UGH! So annoying for an hour class to not meet my 500 calorie goal!  So after class I had to go on the treadmill and run until I burned 500 total calories.  Somewhat annoying since I just want to go home after a class and don't want to be at the gym too late.

Tuesday's workout was a strugggggle.  It is the day I do my Body Pulse & Abs class with Trish.  Knowing she was on vacation and we would have a sub made me not want to go. AT ALL.  I had to seriously force myself to the gym.

Now you know why I titled my post "Yeahhhhhh BUDDY" hahaha! YouTube picks the most UNFLATTERING thumbnails for videos ever.  I know you can change them but they are all super bad.  What the hell YouTube...fix that shit! HA! Sike...I don't even care, I still posted this to Instagram.  This video sums up my Tuesday gym motivation. HA! :)

Tuesday Workout
Body Pulse & Abs class with sub instructor.
And running.
Again I didn't make my 500 calorie goal during the class so I had to run on the treadmill for 10 minutes. Bah.  Oh well...I met my goal! :)

The remainder of the week looks like this:

Wednesday: Zumba & Kickboxing
Thursday: Free gym day.  Maybe an outside walk or a treadmill run.
Friday: Possibly an afternoon gym workout or rest day.
Saturday: Zumba

You know...I gotta hit my workout 5x a week goal somehow!!! Gotta get it in! :)


  1. Congratulations on your weightloss thus far! Super amazing and inspiring.

    I love your bridesmaid dress! It look great on you. I love seeing dolled up photos :)

    1. Thank you so much!!!!! xoxoxox I love how throwing some money at someone can make you look fab! Love getting my makeup done and wearing fake eyelashes! :)

  2. The comparison photo is the bomb! I mean, that is progress Julie. LOTS and LOTS of progress. I love that you wore the dress with the zipper unzipped with a cardigan. I say I love that because I've totally worn jeans with the zipper down and a shirt over it. I've done lots of sad things like that. :) But look at you now... :) Definitely time for a new black go to dressy dress!

    You looked great in that bridesmaid dress. No worries. And your make up is off the charts pretty. So awesome. I want to look like that!!! You are such a sexy girl. Seriously gorgeous. I can't believe you don't have the men lining up... it must be your personality cause it ain't your looks... just kidding. I love your personality :) Just giving you shit.

    Just keep working it, progress really is happening.

    1. HA! Woman...if you only knew! My personality is what I love most about myself. My looks are what make boys not like me. Sad but true :( Def have no men lining up. Bummer.

      Love you! xoxox

  3. Julie!!! You look amazing! You are such an inspiration to the rest of us!