Friday, August 16, 2013

Happy Friday!!! Weekly Recap As Usual!

It's FRIDAY! Yes!!! This week was a great week! The weather has been beautifullll and that really makes all the difference.  When you have great's hard to not have an amazing day! Am I right?

Ok so on to my weekly recap!  This week my motivation was pretty good!!!  I made it to my 4 workouts during the week and I really went hardcore and burned some major calories! Amazingggg. Weight wise I did weigh in this week and I was 267 which is what I have been foreverrrrr so no real change in that department.  Bummer.  Butttt I will keep going, as always.  (Btw I am in a great mood so that must be why I keep adding extra letters to every word! I'm sorryyyyyy :) haha)

So here are my workouts:

Sunday I woke up early and made it to the 9:45am zumba!!! LOOOOVE this class!! Before the class I walked on the treadmill for a bit to warm up and then went straight into zumba.  Not a bad way to start off the week!! I love doing Sunday workouts hardcore, it really sets me up for a great week!!

Sunday Workout
Setting the pace for the rest of the week!
Monday was definatly the best workout day of the week. Not because I burned the most calories (because I didn't), but because of the effort and drive I put into it.  I have no idea why but for some reason I was feeling SO motivated and intense during zumba on Monday.  I seriously gave it 110% and my stats showed that!  My heart rate was constantly in the 160s which is great!  An average heart rate of 155?! AMAZING!!! I felt so fabulous when this class was over...I was drenched in sweat...the way I LOVE it!!!

Monday Zumba
Balls to the wall baby!

Tuesday's are usually my body works and abs class that my trainer teaches.  You know, the class with all the burpees, lunges and pushups?  My nemesis favorite class. Well anyways my trainer couldn't teach the class that night and I am a creature of habit so that made me not want to go.  I skipped the class and decided to take my workout outside becuase the weather was just amazing.  I LOVE walking around where I live, it's beautiful!  When I first started my journey the only form of exercise I did was walking.  I started off just walking 2.6 miles and have increased it to about 5 miles.  Everytime I go for a walk I always have to reach 5 miles or I feel like I didn't do enough.  2.6 miles to 5? Sounds like progress to me! 

Unfortunately on Tuesday my gps app wasn't working! It kept stopping and I get SO mad when that happens!! One time it wasn't working for 10 minutes!! That's at least .5 miles that it wasn't recording.  So frustrating.  After the 2nd time it just stopped recording I gave up using it.  I think it was around 3.5 miles when it stopped.  I always do the same route so I know I did at least 4.75, but most likely 5! :) 

Tuesday's Workout
Being outside makes me HAPPY

Wednesday's are my double days where I usually do zumba with my trainer and then a kickboxing class right after.  It's usually a 1,000 calorie burn and so much fun!!  For some reason on Wednesday I just had NO energy.  I'm not sure if it was because of what I ate that day (which was actually all healthy and clean) or if I was just tired from barely sleeping the night before.  No idea.  But yeah, no energy.  I could barely make it through zumba!  Towards the end I was def dragging.  So needless to say, I didn't do double this week.  BUT...I will settle for just one class, because it was still an amazing workout! :)

Wednesday Zumba
Those are my workouts this week, I worked out 4x so far.  I am going to try to get my 5x a week goal!  So hopefully that will happen! My food intake this week was great!!! As ALWAYS I made a big pot of that veggie pasta for the week...told ya...creature of habit.  One night I did feel like mixing it up and made a clean dinner of (2) eggs, 1/2 an avocado, a small piece of steak and blackberries & nectarine for dessert.

Super clean and super yummy!

And one last update.  Because I think it's so important to ruin the stereotype that big girls have no fashion, I want to share an outfit post from this week.  I really believe that people look their best when they dress the body they have instead of the body they want.  It doesn't matter what size you are as long as you wear clothes that are flattering to YOUR body shape.  I hate when people say that plus size girls are sloppy or have no fashion.  Bull crap.  In fact, I think we have BETTER fashion than "normal" sized girls because we have less resources to work with! With that being is my fav outfit from the week.

Classy Girls Wear Pearls
Ok well that is it for my weekly recap!  This was a great week and I am looking forward to a GREAT weekend and an even better week next week! 


  1. I'm loving the outfit. Good job on working out four times this week :-).

  2. Great recap! Looking good :)