Thursday, August 22, 2013

How To Stay Motivated?

Seriously, how do people stay motivated?  The only thing that truly motivates me, weightloss wise, is seeing progress.  So what happens when you don't?  Do you give up?  Do you use the lack of progress as motivation and go harder? Obviously I am dealing with this situation right now.

I have seen a lack in weightloss for over a year now.  It all started when I hurt my back April 2013.  I had surgery at the end of August 2013 and I really have never been the same.  I used to be able to run and now I don't really run at all.  My activity level is still rather high and my food intake has been the same, if not better. So what the hell happened?  Why aren't I seeing results?  Why can't I get over this 265lb road block?! What gives?!

I will say, maintaining your weight while working very hard is discouraging!! It's not like I have a few pounds to lose, I STILL HAVE TO LOSE LIKE 80 POUNDS! This should be coming off easy!  The first 50lbs did, so why is it all of a sudden impossible?!  Well...not impossible, but you know what I mean.  It should not be this hard.  I know that it gets way harder once you are close to your goal weight, but I still have SO far to go.  I guess I should rephrase and never call any part of weightloss "easy", so no...the first 50lbs weren't "easy."  But wasn't as hard as what I am going through right now!

And I know I shouldn't be harping on the negative things in life, but this is a part of my weightloss journey and I feel the need to let out my frustrations from time to time.  I always said that this blog was for me to express myself and I do not sugar coat things...I say things the way I see them, read: real.  I don't want people to think that a weightloss journey is easy and every week is a great loss on the scale or that everything is rainbows and unicorns.  More like rainbows shitting on unicorns in fist fights.

So what is my solution to all this mess? Of course giving up is NOT/NEVER an option so we can cross that of the list asap.  Which now really only leaves me with the option of using my lack in progress as motivation.  I know what motivates me and I need to just keep my focus on those things.  If I can go 2.5 years with not gaining my 50lbs back, than that is a good sign that I can keep going and reach my goals...even if it takes me 10 years. I am sure I need to switch some things up, maybe my body has gotten used to everything already?  Maybe I need to switch up my workouts and my meals?  I am such a creature of habit and do the same workouts every week and eat pretty much the same meals.  Switching those up may help!  Maybe I will try it...

So after ALL that ^^^, my goal is to just keep going and still have fun doing it.  I go to the gym because I enjoy going to the gym. Feeling discouraged is a terrible feeling that sucks the fun out of the whole process.  Once the fun is gone, it is even harder to keep going.  I show up to workouts with the mentality of "I don't feel like being here" and then I don't put 110% into my workout.  I hate that!! When I go to a class at the gym I want to have fun and give it my all!  It is very important for my journey to enjoy everything I do while trying to lose weight.  Yeah, some of the classes are hard and torturous, but, I still love them in the end.

This week for me was not the best, but I know that I can use that as motivation for next week.  Never quit...always keep going.


  1. I think you just rock girl. I have heard numerous times that once your body is used to a set amount of cals/meals/workouts, you will platuea. i think it is time for you to change it up. maybe do some intense Weight and step back on the cardio some. I follow someone on MFP who lost 130 lbs in a year and she did cardio 1-2 times a week and WEights 4-6 times a week. its amazing. She doesnt even look lik eshe was ever MY SIZE lol.

    Try reducing your calories by 200-250 and see if that helps. or try the "reboot" your system on weekends like I had suggested. Who knows?! But you are right..just keep going and never give up. You have come so far and you look amazing and I know you will get to your goal! And not in 10 years silly! :) -Sarah

    1. I so need to switch things up!!!!!!!!!