Friday, August 2, 2013

Weekly Recapppppp!!!!!

Happy Friday!!! I love Friday's! :)

So my week was pretty good!  Unfortunately I have only been making it to the gym 3x a week which is def a fail because my goal is always at least 5x a week. The problem is the weekends.  I am having a hard time making it to the gym or even outside for a walk.  I blame it on always being busy but I know that is NO excuse!  There is always time to fit in a workout...I just have not been putting that as a priority this week.  Which is no good!!  I did have a pretty good week regarding food intake so that's a positive at least!  It's always important that if you can't make it to the gym that you are at least watching what you eat.

So here was my week:

Last Friday I had a personal training session with my trainer!  Thank goodness.  I love those things.  I got my butt kiiiiiiicked and I enjoyed every second.  Even though while doing it I may not have enjoyed it as much. HA!  So we met at my gym and we did an hour long session of mostly weight lifting.  Like I always say, I do so much cardio on my own that my training sessions are usually just strength training...which I need.  I can seriously tell a HUGE difference in my arm strength since I started.  I have baby muscles and have increased the number of pushups I can do.  I love it!

After my training session I stayed for a zumba class.  I was reallllly tired towards the end of the class but I pushed through.  I was def worn out after 2 hours at the gym...phew!  But it was worth it!  Almost a 900 calorie burn :)  What a great way to end the week last week!!

Personal training session & zumba
Last weekend I went to Delaware to visit friends and family so I was unable to go to the gym.  I did indulge for a meal or two but was happy to see that when I weighed in Monday morning I did not make it back to the 270s!  Which means hopefully I am done fluctuating and can get out of my plateau!  I really think it helped that I haven't been I am going to continue with that trend.

Monday I was back on my workout track and went to Monday night zumba.  I love zumba.  I know alot of people talk smack on it not being a good workout but it really is!  It all depends on what you put into it.  If you take the class and give it your all...then you should be dripping in sweat and to ME, that is a bomb ass workout!  And that is what I do. Every. Single. Class.

Monday Zumba
Sweaty happy mess
Tuesday is my Body Works and Abs class that I looooove so much.  It is SO challenging for me but that is why I love it.  I can't do the whole class but I try my best and give it my all every single time.  My heart rate is always in the 150-160 range and I always am dripping in sweat.  It's a challenge and I love seeing myself get better every week.  This week I attempted a few burpees.  Yeah I couldn't do the full set, but at least I did what I could!  Which is an improvement from when I fist started.  That's what a journey is all about right?  Improvement!

Tuesday Body Works & Abs
Love that sweat!
Wednesday's are my double class days.  This week I had to skip kickboxing because I had too many things to do that night and I couldn't do them if I got home at 8pm!  So I did zumba only.  Since it was my only class I made sure to make the best of it.  I danced my booty off!  I can def say that I missed doing kickboxing.  The feeling after a 1,000 calorie burn is unreal.  It is such a high and I missed it!!! I def will not be missing that this week!

Wednesday Zumba
3 Bad Asses
Those are the only workouts I did this week.  I forgot to weight myself this morning because I was so distracted.  I wanted to see how I ended my week, but oh well.  Not stepping on the scale everyday is a GOOD thing so I'm not too upset about that.   I hope to make it to the gym Sunday morning for zumba class! That's my goal!  I want to have an AWESOME week next week to make up for not reaching my goals this week.  Let's do itttttt.


  1. Great job with all your workouts!

  2. Ah Julie... you are such an inspiration to me. Always have been, always will be... :) I love you so much. You may not have gone as many times as you wanted to the gym, but you had awesome workouts each time so I wouldn't be too hard on yourself. It is so amazing to me that you always burn 500 calories. That is PRETTY damned sweet.... and you are right, there is nothing that is more thrilling than dripping sweat and having a 1000 calorie burn night. That just feels amazing.

    So maybe you try for 4 workouts this week??? What If I stalk you on twitter and make sure you get in 4 workouts??? I'll ask you each day... I'm gonna push you because I know you want it. I know you love it like me :)

    Oh and isn't improvement the best thing in the world? I love growing baby muscles... my favorite thing hands down about my gym time.

    Thank you for inspiring me and pushing me and making me want to go to the gym to begin with!

    1. awww <3 I am trying to make it 5xs this week!!! :)

  3. Wow, your exercise is NOT a fail! You are still doing better than most of us! Your determination definitely shows, and it's obvious how good your exercise makes you feel. Continued success!

    1. Aw thank you! I only call it a fail because I have a mini goal of going 5x a week! But you're isn't a fail! They are awesome workouts! :)