Monday, September 9, 2013

Mental Battle Challenge...Accepted!

I am kinda excited about this post!!  As everyone probably already knows, I have been battling a huge mental battle for the past few weeks months.  Maybe even since April or's debatable.  Basically I have kinda lost my motivation to get to the gym and the past few weeks I have been slacking.  I also have been eating terribly...which has resulted in a weight gain (as I expected).  So I really got mad at myself because I am a HUGE advocate of fixing your own problems.  You can't whine and complain about something that is 100% in your control. So I decided to set myself up for success and create this mini mental battle challenge!  So that is what I did, and it started today. Stoked.

My plan is to have a set meal plan for the week and be very strict about it.  I also have to start going to the gym regularly and lift more weights.  I really feel like my plateau is partially because of all the cardio I do.  I want to incorporate more lifting. So now that those are my goals, here is how I plan to achieve them. 

Food prep:

Sunday is my favorite day for food prep.  I usually have very little plans on Sunday and can devote my time to going to the grocery store and prepping meals for the week.  All last week I was trying to decide on what I should prep for dinner this week.  I wanted it to be 1. different 2. super healthy 3. clean 4. not exciting.  Everyone knows how much I love avocado and I seriously eat about 4 a week.  That may have been hurting me in the long run. I know they are good for you and have good fat, but they still are alot of calories and eating 4 of them in one week may not be the best choice.  I wanted to steer away from avos and other things I usually eat.  So after a lot of thought...I decided to prep:  grilled chicken and sauteed spinach with mushrooms.  Woof.  How much more plain can you get?! I hate spinach. all honestly...that is kind of the point of this challenge. I want to see if I am mentally strong enough to stick to a not great set meal plan.  Weird, I know. So here is what I plan on eating:

Breakfast: Oatmeal, chia seeds and banana.  Coffee
Lunch: Lean Cuisine, Popcorn, fruit (maybe)
Snack: Greek yogurt
Dinner: Grilled chicken, spinach/mushrooms, steamed broccoli (maybe)

Sounds great huh? Nope.  But I am determined to stick to this.  I really only drink water so I will increase the amount I drink to keep full.  I also reallllly need to work on not eating after dinner.  I always eat a super clean dinner and then ruin it with snacks later in the night.  I need to cut that out!  So this food after dinner! If I am starving or struggling, then I did buy some peaches and plums. 

And I KNOW that lean cuisines suck, but for right now, they are just going to have to do.  I am not...what's the word...dedicated (??) enough to meal prep lunch right now.  One steps ok?

Meal Prep Sunday!
Grilled chicken and sauteed spinach with mushrooms
This popcorn is so good!


I neverrrr really have issues with motivation and getting to the gym.  But now...I kinda do.  So my main goal for the week is to find that spark again and reignite my drive to hit the gym/workout.  I know it's there and I'm sure after tonights workout it will be back again. I hope! I know that having to get a new car and not being able to afford my trainer is a huge part of my recent motivation decline. It sucks because I still can't afford sessions! I miss that extra push that she gave me!  She still does help me, but it's not the same.

Here is my proposed workout schedule:

Monday: Hip Hop class/Weights
Tuesday: Body Pulse Plus Abs
Wednesday: Zumba & Kickboxing
Thursday:  Free day, outside walk or gym session
Friday: Free day, outside walk or gym session

That is the schedule I am going to try to stick to.  I usually only do weights on Tuesdays during my class so I am going to try to add them other days too.  That's the plan anyways.

So yeah...that is my little mental battle challenge for this week!  Today is the first day and so far so good hahaha!! It's been like 6 hours but counts.  Hopefully this challenge will help me kickstart my weightloss's hoping! :)


  1. Good luck to you on your challenge! Your dinner looks yummy! I can never stick to a meal plan. >.> I like the element of spontaneity. But I guess when my classes start I should try because I'll be too busy to think about what I'm eating!

    1. Thank you! It's hard sticking to a meal plan! It would be great to food prep while in school!! It would make it so easy to just come home and grab dinner! :)

  2. Sounds like you have a great plan - good luck!

  3. Skinny Taste just posted this and it reminded me of you - for when your challenge is done!

  4. Getting back to the basics is always a good idea when you are suffering from motivation problems - believe me, I know!

    You have a sound plan and if you stick with it - it will work for you. Wishing you the best!

    1. Thank you so much! Today is day 3 and so far so good! I'm even seeing results already! :)

  5. I have to thank you for today's posting...I am going through the same thing and its nice to know I'm not alone with this struggle. Maybe I should set up a mini mental challenge for myself!! Thanks :D

    1. Aw yay! You are DEF not alone! :) You should set up a challenge! If you do, let me know. I am always looking for new challenge ideas.