Friday, September 13, 2013

Mental Battle Challenge...Complete.

My "Mental Battle Challenge" this week is officially over.  I really only lasted a few days but that is what I wanted.  My hardest challenges for staying on track are obviously on the weekends but a close second is Monday-Tuhrsday 7pm-10pm.  Seriously!  Between those times I am usually snacking on something or eating something I shouldn't.  So mental challenge this week was targeted for those times. And I have to say, it was a complete success!

It was a success in many ways!  Not only did I lose about 5lbs, but I also was able to stay on track with the meal plan I gave myself, have great workouts and cut out all unnecessary snacking!  I have to admit the challenge was not easy for me.  Chicken and spinach three nights in a row is a nightmare. So gross.  Last night I ended up eating chicken, fat free refried beans and salsa instead. I just COULD NOT stomach another chicken and spinach night. Woof. 

The challenge was as hard as I expected.  I went to bed hungry every night, which is ok I guess. I know that my eating habits were out of control for awhile so I needed to train my stomach and mind to be full after eating an appropriate serving size.  I think it has worked.  I drank a lot of water to make up for the smaller serving sizes, that made for a good combo.  Here is a little break down of my week. 

 First, I'm starting with this picture because everyone needs this reminder once in awhile. The scale is a great tool during a weightloss journey but can not and should not be the only measure of success.

Ok now on to the "serious" crap:

My dinner Monday-Wednesday
Grilled chicken with spinach and mushrooms.
Ugh, 3 nights in a row was all I could manage.

Monday workout!
Hip Hop Class!!
It was fun, but too much jumping.
Hurt my back.
Tuesday Body Pulse and Abs class!
Love it!
I put alot into this class this week! :)

Wednesday Zumba
FUN! As always! :)
That is my week in a nutshell.  I didn't meet my workout goal this week, but I am at least getting my passion for it back.  I wasn't dreading any gym sessions this week and had a lot of fun in all of my classes! I am hoping to keep that same mind set for next week and try to make it to the gym more. 

All in all I have to say that this week was a success! It was the outcome I was hoping for from this mini challenge.  That's what it's all about right?  Challenging yourself and then seeing how you can overcome it! 

I am going to end with this picture I'm obsessed with.  I ordered a tutu for Halloween.  I'm going to be a ballerina! :)  It's a running tutu so I hope to use it for 5ks as well...once I can get to that point! :)  I want to wear this thing all day everyday. I love it!

My Tutu
You can get them here.


  1. Love your tutu! You look so adorable:) congratulations on completing the challenge AND losing 5 lbs:) Way to go! !!

    1. awww thank you!! I love that tutu! hahaahha I always want to wear it! :)