Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Run Run Running!!

Since I impulsively signed up for that 5k this upcoming weekend (yikes), I decided to start training. HAHAHAHAHA that is funny, sorry.  Training 1 week before an actual race?? PSHH. More like...just seeing where I actually am endurance wise.  I wanted to see how much of a train wreck this 5k will be.  And to my surprise...I think it won't be too bad!

Back in the day before I got hurt I used to run alllll the time.  I did C25K and was obsessed with running.  Then I got hurt and stopped.  My back surgeon told me I should never run again, esp outside.  Of course I don't and won't listen because I am not giving up running. I love it too much.  I did however wait a year before I started up again.  After 2 practice runs I must say, my back is feeling pretty good!  I will of course stop if it starts to really hurt.  Maybe. :)

I went on my first practice 5K Saturday morning.  It was a beautiful day and I really enjoyed the run! I just randomly picked a goal based on my times/distances from the past so I decided that I would try to finish this 5k in under 45 minutes.  I set out feeling great, I walked a few minutes just to warm up.  The route I was going to run is almost exactly 3.1 miles but there are a few hills (I must try to avoid those next time).  I ran as much as I could without stopping but had to stop to walk often.  When I was close to the end I looked at my phone and saw I had 1 minute 30 seconds until I hit 45 mins but still had .1 of a mile to go before I hit a 5k.  I seriously started sprinting until I reached the 3.1 mile mark. Happy to report...I reached my goal...barely.

Saturday's 5K
Ha! I reached my goal by 2 seconds!! I will take it though, achieving a goal is achieving a goal.  No matter how you did it!  It was a great first run and I learned alot about myself during it.  I know where I need to improve and how to mentally get through certain aspects.  What I mean by that is, now I have a starting point and I can mentally prepare myself to push through where I originally thought I couldn't.  Now that I had finished my first 5k training, I was excited to try again!

Yesterday I went out for my 2nd training run!  It was a beautiful evening weather wise and I was really excited to see if I could improve on my time!  I really wanted to push myself and see how much of the run I could do without walking.  Happy with the results!

Monday's 5K
I improved my time by 3 and a half minutes and my pace by over a minute!  That was the accomplishments I was aiming for!!  I really think a few things helped me do this.

  1. Time of day: I did my first 5k on Saturday morning at around 10am after eating a chobani yogurt.  I think that waiting until the end of the day gave me more energy.  I felt like I could push through my runs longer.  I bet it was because I had more fuel from eating throughout the day. 
  2. Mental Strength: Mentally I think I was stronger during my 2nd run.  I had a starting point from Saturday's run and all I wanted to do on my 2nd run was beat those times.  I mentally pushed myself harder just so I could accomplish those goals.  I think that personal competition is a great way to motivate yourself.  I really wanted to improve my time so I did as much as I could to keep going.
  3. Walking: During my 5k on Saturday I had to stop to walk a lot.  I would run as much as I could but then once I couldn't go any longer I would walk.  I noticed that when I did walk, it was really slow!  I really think that slow walking hurt my time and pace.  So for yesterday's run I told myself that when I did have to walk it was going to be a fast paced walk.  I walked briskly to warm up, up the hills and when I took a running break.  I really think it helped!
  4. Blister Problems: During my first run I gave myself a huge blister on my right heel! I think my sneakers are too big.  It hurt really bad and kinda slowed me down towards the end.  Yesterday I put a bandaide on it and that helped for the first half of the run.  Towards the end it was really bothering me but I just ignored it. I really hope this doesn't effect my run on Sunday!  Does anyone have any tips?
Those 4 things really helped me improve and I want to keep going and make my time even better! I am going to the gym tonight and tomorrow so I probably won't be able to run again until Thursday.  Hopefully my blister will be ok by then and I can match my time or even improve it!  I'm so glad I started running again!  It really motivates me! :)


  1. That's great! Running is running and the fact that your not giving up is amazing!
    I have come to love running and now can't get enough of it, I am going a 5K this weekend as well. Also two next weekend.
    Keep running :)

    1. Thank you! :) Good luck on your 5Ks!!!

  2. Nice job on improving your time!

    As far as the blister is concerned: do you wear athletic socks, as in anything but cotton? When your feet sweat in cotton socks it usually ends up giving you blisters, but in a polyester, drymax, nylon or spandex mix you'll be fine.

    If your shoes feel too big try to do a Heel Lock tie. It really helped me.



    1. This is awesome! Thank you so much! I had no idea that cotton socks were bad to run in!!!!! Good to know!!! :)

  3. Blisters can be caused by socks more frequently than shoes. What type of socks are you wearing? You want to avoid cotton and go for polyester blend (as high as you can find) or wool.

    1. Ha! Good to know! I seriously had no idea socks were such a huge factor with blisters. I run in cotton...now I know not to.

    2. I had no idea either. You learn something new everyday. I just really had no idea at all that it could be socks causing the problem. I think it just gets over looked.