Friday, September 20, 2013

What a STRESS Filled Week!

This week has been....tough.  Work has me sooooooo stressed out!  I am in the event planning and tradeshow industry and this is def our busy time of year.  Yikes!!  I am so weird in the fact that I actually love stress!  It really is my best motivator to get shit done and taken care of.  However, I have to say that even though I welcome stress, I don't deal with it well.

For me dealing with stress consists of minor freak outs, small bouts of tourettes, wanting to eat really bad food and/or going to the gym for long periods of time.  Let's recap the week:  oh ok...all of these things happened.  I must say that a positive is that when I wanted to meet up with friends in Philly for Shake Shack...I instead went to the gym for 2 hours.  So that's def a good thing.

Weekly recap:

Ummmm so as I was thinking about what I was going to write about and I totally forgot about something EXCITING that happened this week.  Pulling up my Monday workout picture totally reminded me that I signed up to run my first 5k!!!  Totally excited anddddd totally dumb because it will be a train wreck. I have not been running in forever.  I used to run and could run pretty well/far until my body told me I was too fat to run and I ended up having to have back surgery. Ha!!  So now I pretty much can barely run a mile and I'm not even supposed to run outside. know me: rule breaker.  So I signed up.  It will most likely be me jogging 1/4 of the race and walking the rest but...gotta start somewhere right?  Signing up def gave me some motivation to get back to running.  I actually LOVE running and the feeling of seeing progress from week to week.  Unfortunately this 5k is next weekend so I really won't be able to train for it so it's pretty much just going to be a crap shoot. Oh well...maybe it will jump start my running addiction again...which is already kinda has.

So anyways, enough of that...Monday's workout consisted of me going to Hip Hop class for 3 minutes and then leaving.  I never call myself a quitter but that class was just awful. I thought it was going to be like zumba but with more of a hip hop vibe...wrong.  It's more like let me teach you a 20 second routine during an hour class. No thanks.  The steps hurt my back and it wasn't enough of a workout.  So I left and just went to the treadmill.  I did some C25K training.  LOVE that app!! It felt soooo good to run and sweat like crazy!

Monday Workout

Tuesday was my fav class, Body Works Plus Abs.  Always an awesome kick ass class.  This week we did a lot of upper body lifting (which is my fav bc I hate my arms), running, push ups, box jumps and a ton of squats and lunges.  Oh!! Btw here is a little tip my trainer gave me.  For some reason doing a lot of squats hurt my knees.  If you put small hand weights under your heels while you do them it helps take some pressure off your knees!  Try it! It works!! :)

Tuesday workout!
My fav <3 td="">
Wednesday was the worstttttttt day ever!! SO much negative stuff happened between stress at work and personal life!  So I was sooooo ready to leave work and go do something!  I had 2 choices:

1. Go to Philly and meet up with my friend for dinner at Shake Shack
2. Go to the gym for zumba and kickboxing

I thought alot about the choices I had and what would be the best one.  It would have been so fun to go to Philly.  I know that I would have felt better after hanging out with my friend but I didn't think eating a 1,000+ calorie meal just because I was sad was a good idea. I asked some people for advice and every single one said to go to the gym. So that's what I did.  

I ended up going to zumba AND kickboxing! Something I used to do and for some reason stopped doing it.  It was sooooo much fun.  I was even getting emergency work calls throughout the night and it was awful and stressful.  I just put all that stress into my workouts and came out with a great result and a smile on my face!  Working out is a great stress reliever for me and I'm so glad I went to the gym that night!! Hitting the punching bag during kickboxing was my favorite part!!!

Those were my workouts for the week!! Only got to the gym 3 times so far but there is still time in the week!  I want to try to head outside for a trial 5k run to see how much I can do.  I know that I can walk 6+ miles so 3.1 will be no problem. I just need to see how much I can actually run of those 3.1 miles!  Hopefully at least half of it?! We shall see.  


Also...should I wear my tutu to the race?! HAHA! :)


  1. Good job using self control and not going to Shake Shack! Also, when you go out to run that 5K, just set goals for yourself when you start to get always helps me!
    Good luck!!

    1. Thank you!! :) That's great advice!!! I am doing another practice run tonight and I'm going to use it! Whenever I want to stop running, I'll push myself to keep going! :)

  2. I am very much like you, I love the adrenalin of a demanding job but sometimes people make me totally mad because they don't understand and get things wrong and throw my tight schedule into shambles.. so a few years ago I bought myself a second hand professional punching-ball and a powerful stereo system... after a stressful day (almost every day) I dance and kick-box until I'm tame as a kitten again :-)

    1. I always said I wish I had a punching bag hanging in my office!!!! It's SUCH a good stress reliever! :)

  3. Great Choice in going to the gym, knowing me I probably would have just went to eat and then went to the gym the following morning!
    Also that Zumba and Kickboxing workout was great! I recently did both Zumba and Kickboxing back to back and I was sore as ever! :)