Wednesday, October 2, 2013


Soooo Sunday was an amazing day, I'm still on could 9!  Not only was the weather amazing but it was the day that I RAN my first 5k!! Ever.  Now, I have walked a million 5k's and that's not a problem, it's easy for me.  But THIS 5k I attempted to run it. RUN! Yikes.

The story behind this random 5k I signed up for was that my best friend signed up for it because she knew the family the race was for.  She always wanted to run a 5k and had asked me if I wanted to do it with her.  I was hesitant because I haven't trained, but she made me feel ok because she wasn't training either.  So we signed up together.  Our other friend who IS an avid runner decided to also sign up to support us.  In the end...I really think doing this 5k with these ladies made the experience that much better!

We're ready!

I have the BEST friends EVER!

I did not really train at all for this run. I'm not even supposed to be running, but of course I'm an asshole and I never I ran.  I did do 2 practice 5ks that week and my times were 44:58 with a pace of 14:27 and then 41:20 with a pace of 13:20.  I was proud that I improved but I REALLY wanted to get below 40 minutes.  That was my goal for this 5k.

Now, let it be known that I did not run the whole thing.  HOWEVER, I did kill it.  I ran the first 1.5 miles without stopping with a pace of 11 mins and something.  The only reason I had to stop running was because we came to a hill.  A rather long and large hill.  Everyone, seriously everyone, walked up the hill, it was at least .5 miles long.  I told myself that it was ok to stop and walk as long as I walked at a brisk pace and ran back down the hill when the time came.  So I did.

I have to say that one of my friends kept drilling in my head that running is all mental.  That I was physically capable of running this, it would just be a mental battle.  I swear that the whole time I was running I just kept telling myself that.  I kept repeating "just keep going, you can do this, just keep going, you can do this."  It is amazing how mental physical challenges really are (just like wall sits haha).

BEST Quote Ever!
Thank you KELLY!
I felt pretty good throughout the race.  I had many things on my side.  During my practice runs I had given myself a terrible blister.  I blogged about this in my last post.  I am happy to say that with the advice of my AMAZING blog readers/friends, I was able to come up with a solution.  I bought these awesome Under Armour running socks and they made an incredible difference.  My mom also taught me a weird way to tie your shoes to keep your shoes from slipping on your heels.  I will have to show that in the next post. Those two things seriously made my day! My blister did not hurt AT ALL! I'm so in love with he socks that I went and bought more!

The most amazing socks!
Thank you to everyone who gave me the advice!

Another thing that got me through the hard parts of the race was my playlist.  I'm sure everyone knows how important music is to stay in your rhythm.  I have the most random running playlist ever but these are songs that just get me pumped up! I love when certain ones come on and they just make you want to keep running and even pick up the pace! That is so so important when you're exercising and need a little push. I love it!

My favs ones are the Green Day, Britney and Christina songs!

Ok, back to the run.  So I was def losing steam towards the end.  I was tracking my run with my Run Keeper app which was SO helpful.  It told me my pace, time and distance every 1/4 mile.  This helped me stay at a good pace and know when to speed up.  For instance, when Run Keeper told me I had just hit 3 miles...I booked it.  I started running as fast as I could!! (Which kinda made me mad because the race course was about .1 miles longer so I was sprinting too far haha). But anyways, that app was amazing and really helped me know how far I had left and how much I could push it.

There is NO better feeling than running over a finish line knowing you did the best you could do.  I literally pranced and jumped over the finish line.  I couldn't stop smiling and I was/am so proud of myself.  I know that I gave it my all and there was nothing I could have done better.  I really almost cried when I saw the time clock and it read under 40 minutes.  My exact time was 39:17. YAY!!

Best feeling EVER.
My Run Keeper app tracked the route as 3.23 miles.
So even though it says 40 mins, the 5k was under that!!
Post race smile that still hasn't gone away

Exactly how I felt.
Here is my official info:

Congratulations on finishing the Inaugural 5k & Kids Run for Gray on September 29, 2013 !
Name:  Julie Weiner 
Bib #:  2416 
Gun Time:  39:38.8 
Chip Time:  39:17.4 (12:40/mile) 
Overall Place:   207/318 
Age Group Place:  17/28 (Female 19 to 29)

YAY! What an amazing experience.  I can't wait to run another! I am supposed to run another one on Sunday but I don't know how well I will do with that one but I sure will give it my all! :)

P.S.- I have a question.  Under my "My Chunky Journey" page I have a goal of running a 5k. Do you think I should cross it off now, or when I run the ENTIRE 5k.  I think I should wait until I run the whole thing without walking.  Thoughts?


  1. That is the best quote and that's all you have to remember when your running. It can be a bit difficult but I try and think about other things to keep my mind busy

  2. Congrats! I remember my first 5k. The best feeling! Also, I'd wait until you run the whole thing. That way, you have something to work toward! YAY!

    1. Thank you!!! I will always remember that day! :) I think I am going to wait to cross it off!

  3. Congratulations!!! You are officially a runner (whether you are breaking the rules or not). I think run/walk still counts, running the whole thing could be TWO things to cross off your list!

  4. Wow, you didn't even train? You ran even when you weren't supposed to? lol you have gusto! Good for you and a big Congrats. What an accomplishment.

    1. Haha thank you! Gusto or just plain dumb! haha!!! :)

  5. I would cross it off when you have run the whole thing...HOWEVER, you should add another goal to the list and cross it off-Finish 5K in under 40 minutes! Congratulations!

    1. I will wait to cross off the "run 5k" until I can run the whole thing! I should add an under 40 minute thing tho...hmmmm :)

  6. Such a Rockstahhhh! Soooo proud of you! You constantly inspire a homegirll, fa rulll! <3

  7. I don't know you but you don't look like an asshole... :P keep running! woohoo