Monday, November 25, 2013

5K, Take Two!

This weekend was the weekend when I attempted to "run" my 2nd 5k! I haven't been training and shit...I've barely even been to the gym since the last time I ran a 5k at the end of September.  So obviously, I was expecting this 5k to be a trainwreck...which it somewhat was. Haha no surprise there.

The race took place in Newark, Delaware Saturday morning and was the Annual Turkey Trot. It was FREEZING outside and silly me was not prepared for that.  I totally was rocking capri yoga pants and a hoodie...I was so cold!  Anyways...there was a 10k that was followed by a 5k.  My badass friend ran the 10k AND the 5k, she's amazing!

Running my 2nd 5k!
Turkey Trot 2013

My friend and I getting ready to run!
I was really nervous for this race and honestly, I was very anxious to get it over with.  It was so cold and my legs felt like they were never going to feel warmed up, I was sure they were going to cramp up.  But I had my running playlist ready to go and once the gun went off...away I went.

The first 5k I did was in September and it was pretty much the same situation. I didn't train for it at all, but at least I was regularly going to the gym and wasn't in terrible shape.  This time, after a European vacation and a lack of motivation to get to the gym...I knew it was going to be terrible.  I still wanted to try to be around the same time as my first one which was 39:17, but I also knew how bad of shape I was in so I ended up giving myself a 45:00 goal so I wouldn't be too disappointed.  At first I planned on just walking it because I would have been sad if my time didn't improve, but just being there I was motivated to run as much as I could and that is what I decided to do.

I tried to keep a slow pace and run as long as I could without stopping for the first leg of the race.  The 1st 5k I made it 1.5 miles without stopping before I reached a hill and had to walk. This time...I seriously was struggling around the .75 mile mark.  I think I may have stopped for 5 seconds and then kept running, I was pretty mad at myself that I was struggling already but was determined to try my best.

The course this time was pretty hilly which meant annoying uphill walks but easy downhill jogs...that helped alot!  I probably ran about 75% of the race and I was pretty proud of myself how I stepped up and tried my hardest, especially during the last mile.  I def struggled but I gave it my all.  The WORST thing in the world happened to me at the 2.5 miles marker....less than a mile to go and MY PHONE DIED! No more music, no more run keeper to motivate me. UGH...awful.  Try running your hardest the last .1 mile of the race without a motivating Britney Spears Stronger blasting in your ears....brutal.

When I was nearing the finish line I saw the crowd cheering everyone on and that really is the best feeling!  Especially when you have friends there screaming your feels wonderful.  I sprinted the last .1 mile and seriously felt like I was going to collapse, but I had to finish strong.  Also...side note...everyone knows there are always a couple of people running around you that during the race you always have a little competition of course I had to sprint to finish before them...haha :)

When I saw the time on the clock I was pretty upset with myself...I didn't beat my previous time.  I finished the race at 40:30...over a minute slower than before.  I was kinda sad but I also expected that outcome.  But hey...I did better than what I thought I would do!

So the time wasn't awesome and the placing makes me want to cry...yikes...544 people finished before me...kinda embarrassing considering I ran a lot for me.  Oh least I went and tried my best. Now I have something to work towards right!? I can't wait to sign up for another one and this time I HOPE I actually train so I can beat my best time!

I hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving! I'm no expert but my advice is to enjoy yourself and worry about the scale the next day. :)



  1. The important thing is that you got out there and did it! Good for you.

    You guys look really happy :) - love your smiles.

    Have a wonderful week!

  2. Go you!!! Congrats on your second one!! Thanks for being so motivational...
    Happy Thanksgiving!1

    1. Thank you! :) I hope you had a great Thanksgiving!!

  3. Don't beat yourself up about it, you did it and that's absolutely amazing :)

    1. Thank you! I always get upset when I don't improve, but you're right! I did finish it and it's my own fault I didn't do better! :)