Friday, December 13, 2013

Stepping it Up...Sorta Kinda

This week I had a plan...this week I was going to work on my motivation and step it up.  I'm happy to announce that has happened...sorta kinda.  Better than not happening at all right?

Originally the plan was to hit the gym 4x this week and be excited about it!  I'm pleased to say that I DID go to the gym 3x and was pretty stoked to be there.  I actually skipped on Wednesday, but...3x is not bad! Especially for a crappy snowy week! Counting that as a huge win and a great step in the right direction to get my motivation back on track!

Sunday morning I was finally able to make the 9:45am zumba class! I always end up missing this class because I'm either in Delaware, hungover or...both.  I was super excited that I was able to go and I had a lot of fun.  I looooove this class! It's really fast paced and up beat and an amazing Sunday morning sweat sesh! I also love that it's at 9:45am so when you're done you still have the rest of the day to do whatever you want and you feel amazing the whole time.  Such a high, obsessed.  I need to start my week off this way more often!!

Sunday Morning Zumba!

I don't really have a specific class to take on Monday's so I never really have a desire to head to the gym.  With that being said...I skipped Monday but I was back in the gym on Tuesday for my Body works plus abs class.  This class is so hard as always and has gotten even harder due to the fact I keep skipping it.  Note to self...STOP doing that!  I am so mad at myself that I have back tracked...but...negatives into positives...that gives me motivation to keep going week after week.

Tuesday Body Works Plus Abs
Lunges, box jumps, burpees and sprints.
After Tuesdays class I was really motivated to keep going towards my weekly goal.  I ended up skipping Wednesday zumba but made sure to go to Thursday nights cardio kickboxing!  This is a new class for me and last week was the first time I did it.  Like I said before, it is taught by my coworker and it is really challenging and fun.  Super fast paced but in a crazy fun way, great music.  It def kicked my butt and I zoned out for half the class HA!  I can't wait to get my new Polar battery so I can actually see my heart rate and how many calories I burn.  Hopefully for next week!

Thursday Cardio Kickboxing
Allison and I kicking some ass
Those were my three workouts so far for the week. I am going to try to make it to zumba tomorrow morning, it's another 9:45am class and it's really fun!  Hopefully I make it there and I can achieve my 4x a week goal!  As far as everything else, I did a great job prepping some chicken last weekend and managed to stay on track with my dinners. I used the grilled chicken to make salads and low carb wraps...they were all pretty good!

Sunday Meal Prep
That's a whole lotta chicken

Of course a few baked goods came into play at work, damn you Christmas time, but that's have to live your life right?  I'm looking forward to a great weekend, hopefully filled with a limited amount of poor life decisions and a lot of motivation to hit the gym!  Here's to wishful thinking!!


  1. I love cardio kickboxing classes. Or just boxing in general. It's a decent way to get some good exercise in while still being very fun!

    Glad you're doing well! That chicken looks delicious!

    You're doing well with the exercise/gym at the moment! Don't let it slip! Even during this horrid holiday that makes weight loss near impossible!

    Just think of this every time you're about to miss the gym session or eat something terrible, 'Don't give up what you want MOST, for what you want in the MOMENT.'

    Good Luck!


    1. Isn't cardio kickboxing so fun?! It really does make you feel like a bad ass chick! Thank you for the amazing motivation!! :) xoxo

  2. Did you make it to Zumba? If not, 3 workouts in a week is pretty amazing :)

    1. I DID make it to zumba on Saturday morning!!! Yay!! :) 4x last week!