Monday, December 2, 2013

The Holidays are Here...Yikes...are You Ready?

To me, the holiday season swings into full gear right at Thanksgiving. Although, it seems like I have been in the holiday state of mind since Halloween...sad but true.  And by having a holiday state of mind I mean having a laid back point of view on everything and having a social life I can't keep up with!!

My life has been crazy every since I got back from vacation! I swear I have not had a moment to myself in at least a month.  Every weekend is jam packed with fun events, parties, dinner and drinks with friends and dates.  It's non stop 24/7 as soon as I leave work on Friday!  Don't get me wrong, I love being busy and I have an amazing social definitely takes a toll on my "healthy" lifestyle.

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving!  Thanksgiving is always my least favorite holiday, I'm not sure why.  Maybe because food wise it's nothing special and you can have that dinner all the time, buuuuuut I still managed to do some damage! I love me some sweet potatoes! And the next day Thanksgiving sandwich...always on point. :)

Just basting the Thanksgiving turkey!

Greedy bastard

The whole month of November was a complete wash. I believe I actually went to the gym 6 times the whole month...pathetic!  I can use the excuse of being busy but let's be was mostly because I have gotten lazy.  That's not good.  So of course I am going to try to step up my game for the month of December...Yeah yeah yeah...I know...way to step up your game during the most social month of the year! Ugh...gotta start sometime right?

I decided to jump start my December by doing a DietBet! Those are always fun and very motivating to get things going! I've already lost 3lbs so I'm hoping I can kick some serious ass and win for a change!  I plan on going to the gym a lot this week and hoping that makes my motivation come back.  I feel like once you step over that initial barrier of laziness everything else can fall into place? Here's hoping.

SIDE NOTE: My life is insane.  I am a single girl and I have stories that you WOULD NOT believe.  Every Monday when I tell friends about my weekend adventures, they always tell me that I need to sit down and write a book. Soooo that is what I'm going to do...only not a book...a blog.  So if you care to read about my crazy is the link:  Confessions of a Single Beautiful Chunk.  And don't forget to let me know what you think! :)


  1. Haha I love the way you write! I can't wait to see what kinda stories you'll post on the other blog!

  2. This is a very nice blog you've got here! Very well designed! Also, even though you only went to the gym a few times in November, it's still better than not going at all! Although I agree that much more is needed to maintain a healthy lifestyle!

    My advice for December would be to make the trips to the gym like a social event. Something you just can't miss. You can't not go. It'd be like missing out the event of the year! i.e. new years eve party!

    Don't let things get in the way of your healthy lifestyle!

    Good Luck!

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words! :) I plan on hitting the gym so much more in December! :)