Thursday, January 9, 2014

An Accidental Non Scale Victory???

I have this thing...or maybe this hang up...where I have to get my haircut at the same place by the same person. I've been going there since I was 3 and I won't let anyone else touch my hair.  The problem is a haircut costs around $50 and is 1hr away. So what do I usually do?? Welllllll I usually cut my own bangs. read that right.  I cut my own bangs.  Whenever I tell people that they always gasp and say I'm crazy.  But...I'm not spending $50 every month to have my bangs trimmed. I usually have the side swoopy bangs and they are super easy to cut myself.  Just cut them on an angle and there you go...perfect bangs everytime.

Errrrrr.........almost everytime.

I decided it was time for a trim on Sunday night and I did my usual thing...only...I cut them WAY too short.  I had a mini panic attack and an "OH MY GODDDDDDD" moment.  I was freaking out...I never mess up and I totally just pulled a Hannah Horvath.

Hahaha I swear that is exactly what I did and said. "It's not thaaaat bad."

So long story short, I cut my own bangs and messed them up and turned side swoop bangs into straight across bangs.  I have ALWAYS wanted straight across bangs but never thought I could pull them off because my face was too fat.  I always assumed that bangs like that would make your face look fact...I even blogged about how I wanted to get this specific haircut once I lost some weight and my face thinned out. Problem is...I got the haircut way too soon!  I wasn't prepared for this change!

My Accidental Bangs

The haircut I've always wanted!!

The question I have for everyone is...

If you go to the "My Chunky Journey" page above, you will see towards the bottom that there is a Non Scale Victory list and on that list is to get my favorite hairstyle with bangs...which would be what I accidentally got.  So should I mark this off the list?  I personally think that the style makes my face look fatter and I don't really like it, however, everyone else loves it.  Should I mark this off or wait until I have a less fat face and can pull it off?  What do you think?  It would be pretty cool to mark something off my list that happened by accident!!!  (But only if I really should mark it off)

P.S.- Killllling it at the gym this week!


  1. I think that maybe you should turn this "accident" into inspiration. You already have compliments from ppl that say they like it, I do too! Now use it to your advantage! Stay committed to your goals knowing how YOU would really like to rock that haristyle, even though we all know you look good already! Stay up! :)

    PS--I've been following your blog and next month it will be one year since I found it. Just saying "Hi!" for the first time. :)

    1. Awww Hi!!!!! :) And thank you for the nice words. Good's good motivation to transform into the way I WANT it to look! :) <3

  2. I think the bangs look awesome and totally flattering. Check it off the list and then do it again when you feel ready :)!

  3. LOVE it. You look much more mature and Chic!!!