Friday, January 10, 2014

Weekly Recap and Weigh In!

Yay it's FRIDAY! I look forward to this day all week!  I've decided that Friday's will be my new weigh in days...starting today.

Good news:

YEAH! Lost 2lbs this week! I told you I was killing it!  I was going to the gym and eating right all week!  That's all it takes! :)

Monday night I food prepped one of my favorite healthy meals for the week. We've all seen this meal before, but it's my favorite!  Veggie pasta with zucchini pasta, garlic, olive oil, sun dried tomatoes, portabella mushrooms, grape tomatoes, spinach, roasted chicken and feta cheese. YUM, so good and simple.

Zucchini pasta! I love this!
It's a great substitute for spaghetti, just use a julienne peeler!
I still add some veggie pasta to bulk up the recipe though.
Finished product...mmm

I ate this Monday-Thursday, it was perfect for after the gym!  I love being able to open the fridge and grab dinner and just heat it up.  The last thing I feel like doing when I get home from a killer workout is's so easy having this already waiting for me. 

The gym this week was really good!  I finally got new batteries for my polar heart rate monitor and was able to use it this week.  What a difference it makes! I love seeing my heart rate because it lets me know whether I need to step it up or not to reach my goals for that particular workout. It really makes a huge difference!

Tuesday night was my body pulse and abs class.  Always a killer, but super fun!  Wednesday was it! It's always so much more fun when you have a friend to workout with you.  I forgot my heart rate monitor that night so I couldn't log my stats.  Thursday was a kickboxing cardio class that really made me realize how bad of shape I've gotten myself back into. Haha oops.  Time to fix that!

Tuesday's Workout
Body Pulse and Abs

Wednesday's Workout
Dance baby dance!

Thursday's Workout
Cardio Kickboxing
Gym plans for the weekend are that I hope to get to the gym and run.  I want to start the couch to 5k program again so I can train for a few 5ks in the Spring!  That's the plan anyway...

I'm glad I had a great was needed! Maybe I can use this great feeling as motivation to have an even better week next week!! YEAH!!!


  1. I love you dinner! You just inspired me to make some type of whole wheat pasta tonight! I hope mines comes out as good as yours looks! XOXO

    And great job on losing those two pounds!!

    1. Nice! Hope your pasta turned out yummy!!! Thank you! <3

  2. Friday is my weigh-in and recap day too ... right before I screw things up on the weekend. Well, I TRY not to, but the schedule is off and I'm a routine type of gal. I was so glad to have the holidays over and start fresh this past Monday :)

    1. LOL that's why I picked Friday too, because of the weekend! :)