Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Relationship Fluff: There are Worse Things to be Afraid of...I Suppose

Everyone knows about that stupid relationship fluff that comes when you enter a new romantic relationship.  You know...the weight you gain because all you do is go out to dinner and eat cookies and ice cream that only me (I hope not)?  Oops.  Anyways...this relationship fluff weight gain is currently my greatest fear and challenge.

I do not want this to happen. NO.

What's super hard is that my boyfriend thinks I look great the way I am and makes a point to tell me that often.  As everyone already knows, I'm a big girl and of course with that comes self consciousness.  I can parade around in my heels and skirts all I want but when it comes down to it...I'm still not comfortable with my certain situations ;) hahah ew, I'm sorry.  I have made extreme progress in this negative body image thinking during my journey, but I'm not quiiiiiiite there. Of course having a guy tell me I look great at my current weight will not make me give up on my journey.  No way, that's not what I'm saying.  In the end I started this journey for myself and no one can end it or continue it but me.  

There are easy fixes to stop eating out and cook at home.  Or stop eating cookies and ice cream.  Or go to the gym more.  Or go to the gym together.  Cook healthy together. Great, perfect suggestions.  Although it's so much easier said than done.  Look...I'm just making excuses. As always. This is an easy fix, I basically just solved my own problem.  The problem is that he's sooooo adorably cute.  He makes me dinner and makes sure he buys the ice cream I like (Talenti Sea Salted Caramel...ughhh).  I've never had a guy make me dinner or breakfast in bed and I'm enjoying it!  His gestures are super sweet I just don't want to backtrack in my journey.  I eat well all week and I don't want to ruin that by making bad choices all weekend.  I've already told him that I don't want to get fat(ter) and we are planning on exercising together and eating healthy. Ugh, he's amazing. No more talk about him though, I promised I wouldn't write about him in my blog!

It's really hard entering a new relationship and avoiding eating out and drinking.  I mean...what else is there to do in the middle of winter for dates? It's not like we can go hiking or go to a park and play soccer (which we WILL be doing once the weather turns around).

Tips and suggestions other than cook healthy at home together and work out?


  1. How about roller skating? Great exercise and indoors!

    1. That's a fun idea! But I can't do that right now, bc if I fall on my butt I run a risk of hurting my butt. But maybe in a few months!! I used to love doing that, so fun! :) Thank you!!!

  2. I can understand you feeling a little self conscious about your weight and your bf telling you it's okay. The thing is, he wants to help.

  3. I completely understand! I gained 55 pounds from the time I started dating my husband to when we got married and he's always told me I was beautiful and loves me the way I am and all that, but I want to be healthy. I saw the pictures and video (oh my gosh, the video!) from our wedding and was so horrified that I immediately began a huge lifestyle change that I've actually been able to stick with this time around.

    My high weight was almost the same as yours and I'm down 40 pounds now after 4 months, but it sucks knowing that I'm still bigger than when we met 3 years ago - and I was trying very hard to lose weight then and stopped when we got together! We lift weights together now and almost always cook at home. :)

    I don't have any real advice, just commiserating, because I know exactly how you feel! I think we are close in height as well as weight and your measurements are also pretty close to mine, so I love your blog!

    1. It's so nice to hear that I'm not alone in this! That is so awesome you were able to make some changes and drop some weight! Jealous :) Keep up the awesome work!

      We really need to start cooking at home...ugh we're going out on a date tonight haha. Ooops.

      Thank you for your awesome comment! :)