Friday, February 21, 2014

Weekly Update

This week flew by! I swear it was just it's Friday.  I'm def not complaining!  I'm sure I sound like a broken record right now, but here we go:

This week wasn't very good gym wise.

I ended up only going to the gym ONCE. Ughhhh fail.  For someone who went to the gym 6-7x a week...only going once is a complete mess and failure.  I know this is my own fault and I will throw the excuses of my back and the weather in there just because.  However, these really are just excuses.  Yes, my back does hurt but there are things I could do...I just don't.  Because I'm in a funk and just don't want to.

So my one attempt at the gym this week was pretty good and I even had fun with it.  I had to skip all my classes so I just went on the treadmill. I've been itching to run and my back has been feeling better so I decided to try out Couch to 5K again.  Wellllll that was a mess.  I have completely backtracked to square expected.  I tried out week 1 day 1 and struggled with it. WHAT?! Ugh...worst feeling ever.  Going from running over a mile straight to barely being able to run 1 minute increments...SUCKS.  Oh's my own fault and I have to now start over because I didn't keep up with it.

Sometimes I haaate the treadmill and then other times I blast running music, power through and love it.  This time it was a love situation.  Mostly because I had my hair in pigtails, zoned out and just did my thaaaang. Love it (sometimes).  I was able to get in a pretty good 45 minute workout until my back started hurting from the running and I had to stop.  It's so annoying and frustrating.  But hey...nothing wrong with 45 mins of cardio!!  My heart rate got up into the 170s and that's pretty damn good.

I'm hoping the weather this weekend is nice because I am dyingggg to get my big butt outside for some walking! I miss it SO much.  Haha I say that remind me in June when I say I don't feel like walking or doing anything outside anymore. Haha. What a mess.


  1. Hey one good work out is better than none. What are some of your motivating fast songs right now? Looking for new mix ideas.

    1. You're so right! One is better than 0!! :)

      Let's see...I'm all over the place when it comes to music that motivates me! I love the punk rock so I have some Green Day in there as well as some Weezer. Also, you can't go wrong with some Britney and Christina! Of course Stronger and Fighter are my go to songs for when I need a little more push! What do you like? Totally need some suggestions for music that isn't 10 years+ old haha. :)