Friday, February 28, 2014

Weekly Update!

It's Friday...yay!! I had a really crazy busy week so I'm super excited for the weekend! :)  This week flew by and I'm still feeling just as motivated as I did on Monday.

I did pretty good this week but it wasn't without a few mistakes, but whose is?  Ok maybe Beyonce's but we can't all be her, can we?  I was feeling SO motivated on Monday and I still am, which is perfection.  I stayed on track food wise all week with only 2 real slip ups.  I'm not ashamed...I had to get a shamrock shake this week...and it was delicious and I have no regret.  Meh maybe a small teeny tiny bit of regret for getting a medium (660 calories) instead of a small (530 calories).  Oops. I also had pizza for lunch one day instead of sticking to my smart ones (and don't get on me about my chemical shit storm frozen lunches...I KNOW).

Gym wise I ended up going 2 times during the week.  I was supposed to go 4 but I have a real problem with telling people no.  Probably why I am large and in charge is because I can't say no haha.  Anyways...when people ask me to hang out with them...I usually say yes.  So Tuesday and Wednesday workouts didn't happen.  Blah.

Monday night I went to the gym and planned on doing some C25K on the treadmill.  I am still working on week 1 so it's only a 5 min walking warm up with intervals of 1 min jogs and 1.5 min walks.  Pretty simple I suppose...well...not gunna lie...I struggle because I haven't ran in forever.  Hoping it will keep getting easier though. It was a good workout. I only did 45 mins because the jogging was making my back hurt towards the end and I didn't want to push it to an hour.  I walked out of the gym feeling great though! That's the outcome I always strive for.

Monday's Workout
45 mins on treadmill

Since I can't go to my Tuesday class anymore I was going to do some treadmill stuff...but instead I hung out with a friend.  Wednesday I wanted to do zumba but plans got in the way of that as well.  So Thursday I was really pumped for the gym!  I was looking forward to my friends kickboxing class all day and was excited to get to the gym.  It was a lot of fun! I love that class! Such a good workout, my heart rate was in the 150-160s the whole time!  Not to mention I feel super cute when I workout in my pigtails hahaha I'm such a kid! :)

Me and Allison before Kickboxing!
We're badass...

Thursday's workout
45 mins of kickboxing!
Even though I only made it to the gym twice this week, it was still a good week.  I managed to keep my motivation and have fun...which is super important because I was having some major issues with that over the past several months. I'm hoping this feeling carries over through the weekend and into next week! Spring is coming and I neeeeed to look adorable in all these dresses I've been buying :)

Side note: I'm having some real solid issues with my polar and it's making me angry.  The heart rate monitor isn't working correctly and sometimes it craps out and can't detect my heart rate!  This really effects my calorie count so that's why I haven't been posting it.  Anyone else have these issues? I've already changed the battery in the strap and watch so that can't be it.  It's getting frustrating...may have to switch over to a Garmin!


  1. Looks like you had great fun, I also attend kickboxing classes, I find them great for fitness not to mention great for toning :-)

    1. It was fun! Looking forward to going again this week!! :)