Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Chemical Sh*tstorms for Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner!

Of course losing weight is easy if you have the right diet...and by diet I don't mean Jenny Craig or Atkins...I mean the food you're actually putting in your mouth. Seems easy enough, eat a lot of fruits and veggies, whole grains and lean proteins.  Eating clean...sounds easy...am I right?

Well...the truth is...it's not really that easy.  I try whenever I can to cook clean dinners when I'm prepping for the week. About 90% of the time it's a clean recipe. And by clean I mean all natural foods, no preservatives, no chemicals, no dyes, no nothing but real natural food. It's easy for me to create meals like this sometimes. Other times it's actually rather difficult!  You would be surprised of what foods have unnatural ingredients! It's actually really challenging sometimes.

I have to be honest that most days however, I'm not eating clean at all.  My breakfast usually consists of packaged oatmeal with a banana and chia seeds.  My lunches are mostly lean cuisines and smart ones. My dinners range from clean meals to cereal (haha what can I say...I'm 29 and have no one to cook for...cereal FTW).  Packaged oatmeal, cereal, smart ones and lean cuisines have so many chemicals and unnecessary unnatural ingredients in them.  So you are probably asking why I choose to put those chemical shitstorms in my body...well one easy answer: convenience.  Yes, I am willing to food prep a clean dinner to eat throughout the week but I'm not quite there to do it for breakfast, lunch AND dinner.  Maybe someday, but not today.  I will be dabbling with a new clean breakfast recipe that is all over the instagram world, egg muffins, may be trying them next week!

So what am I getting at?

This week I wanted some tacos!  Whenever I want something I try to figure out a clean way to make it at home instead of fulfilling that want out at a restaurant.  I decided to food prep some taco meat and purchase all of the ingredients for tacos and taco salad to eat throughout the week. I mentioned to my friend about prepping clean tacos and she lent me some clean taco mix!  At first, I'm like why the f do I need clean taco mix? Isn't all taco mix clean? Umm...my question was answered as soon as I went home and looked at the back of the packaging....

Natural taco seasoning vs Chemical Shitstorm seasoning

Really? Maltodextrin is the first ingredient? Sugar?? Yeah silicon dioxide sounds safe...what the hell are we putting in our bodies?! (Try googling maltodextrin...you need to google all the other scientific words in the definition...wtf.)  The organic natural seasoning on the other hand, is just that...SEASONING!  This was eye opening...I had no idea!

The organic taco seasoning is from a company called Wildtree...has anyone heard of it?  All of their products are organic, natural and clean. I think it's a pretty cool site! I will def be looking into more products.  Here's the taco seasoning in case you're interested.

So I made the tacos and they were really good! I love that the meat wasn't salty...I usually buy the less sodium seasoning packets but with the clean seasoning you don't have to. So yummy!

Taco Salad
I have left over taco meat and will be having some soft tacos for dinner tonight!  So good, my want for tacos has def been fulfilled!!

Oh...in case anyone was wondering...I went to the gym this weekend! YES! I woke up early to catch the 9:45am zumba on Saturday! Go me!! :)

Saturday's Workout


  1. Most taco seasoning also has silicon dioxide in it... AKA the stuff that comes in those "DO NOT EAT" bags with shoes and purses! AHHHHHHHH.

  2. I was eating the Progresso light soups for lunch all the time. then I realized, hello, I can make HOMEMADE soup with mostly natural ingredients (I don't make my own broth so I had to use Trader Joes organic broth). WAY less sodium and it tastes delicious. And I made enough for TWO weeks with just one batch of soup. It's cheaper, too! Definitly a lightbulb moment for me!
    I know how you feel about it being way easier to eat a lean cuisine than cook something for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Good luck with that.
    And good luck with the egg muffns. I hear they're great!

    1. Can you make me some soup?! LOL! :) I'm only half kidding....

      I need a nice new challenge of prepping lunches one week! Maybe I will dabble in the soup making busienss. What kind did you make?

  3. Have you ever tried any of the Amy's Natural meals? www.amys.com

    1. No!! I haven't! I see them all the time and some of them look so good! What ones are your favs? Maybe I will pick one up!

  4. I love their pizzas. I like bowls....vegetable bowl, teriyaki bowl, ravioli bowl and any of the pasta bowls really. They are surprisingly filling. You can always add a small side salad to go with them. Have some paper bowls at work, bring salad in ziploc bag and no worries with bringing stuff home. OR you can do the same thing with a veggie. The burritos are pretty good too including the breakfast ones. I really have not had any of the Amy's line that I thought was horrible.