Friday, March 21, 2014

Workout Update

Here is a quick little update on my workouts over the past few weeks!  There hasn't been too many, but at least there are some!  I am dealing with an ear infection that has been around for the past 2 weeks so that def prevented me from working out last week!

My workouts for March so far
Not alot, but more than 0
This app is called streaks
Gettin my run on!


LOVE Kickboxing!
Ready to round kick some b*tches in the face!


Side note...I LOVE my kickboxing class.  It is perfect for when I have a bad day and need to channel my anger into a healthy non human outlet.  I do my best when I pretend I'm punching someone. HAHA! So wrong, but so true! 

The BEST kickboxing workout so far!
530+ calories in under an hour.
I gave it my all that day!
I also have to mention that I FINALLY was able to get outside for a workout! It was a little chilly but it was worth it!  Getting outside made all the difference in my attitude and motivation. I LOVED it!! I hope that the weather continues to improve so I can get out there more often!

An easy 4 mile walk!

So before I let you watch this crazy little video from yesterdays workout...I have to say that I had the WORST day yesterday. I was sad, mad, upset and miserable.  It was just an awful day and I needed an outlet to get out my anger.  Lucky for me it was Thursday which is KICKBOXING day!! I was so thankful for that because going to that class turned my day around.  I was able to get out my frustrations while working out.  A win win situation! :)


So those are my workouts for the past few weeks.  I wanted to post them here in a quick little update because everyone knows...that if you don't blog, instagram or take photos of your workout...they never happend! Duh. Haha jk :)


  1. Awesome job on your workouts. Glad you found kick boxing to relieve some stress and anger!

    1. Thank you! :) Love me some kickboxing!!!!!

  2. I know how frustrating it is when you can't get to the gym as often as you like. Especially when you have a health problem that needs taking care of. I can relate! The last 3 weeks have been like that for me too!. Glad yo have your kickboxing class to work off some bad mojo.

    1. Hopefully you feel better soon so we can kick some butt once more! :)

  3. Hope the ear feels better. Kickboxing must rock! I gotta give that a try.

    1. It is much better, thank you! Anxious for a good workout week this week!! And yes, you must try kickboxing! A great source to let out your energy! :)

  4. Can I ask why you wear two shirts when you workout?
    Just curious. I'm about to jump back on the workout bandwagon and have been shying away from the gym that I signed up for back in November. One year contract and I haven't been once!!!! Motivation?!?!?! TTYL girl!

    1. Hey! I wear two shirts because it's cute and I like to layer! Haha! But also because it's a comfort thing. I feel more comfortable when I have a tighter tank underneath my T.

      You will find your motivation!!!! I'm sure of it! :)