Friday, March 20, 2015

Weigh In? Weekly recap

I weighed myself today and it said I lost 5lbs. I'll take it.  I mean I have been watching what I eat and such or maybe when I weighed in last week I was just extra heavy.  Either way the number is lower so that's a plus.

I went on some mini walks this week. And by mini I mean miiiiiniiiii.  I used to go on 4-5+ mile walks and this week I went on 1+ mile walks.  It's crazy how much things can change with weight gain!  Now...I do have to note that each time I did have my dog with me and he can't go too far.  Each walk I could have gone way longer, but I stopped.  Kirby couldn't keep up and it was getting cooooold.  Once the weather changes....totally getting back up to the 4-5 mile walks!

My little mini family walk 

1.43 Miles...better than nothing!

My goals are to go on walks at least 3 times a week.  When I originally started my weightloss journey 3 years ago, walking was my favorite and only form of exercise.  It works!  So that is what I will be doing for awhile. Excited for nicer weather!!

Regarding my food this week.  Meh, it could have been better. I packed my lunch a lot this week which always helps.  I always am on point for breakfast and lunch.  Dinners sometimes I struggle.  I did ok this week but need to improve.

So overall not a failure of a first week back on track.  Not the best but that's expected.  Nothing but improving from here on out!


  1. Yup, yup... and checking in and keeping yourself accountable helps too. So its wasn't perfect. NOTHING is. It's all steps and literally you are stepping in the right direction. You don't start out with 4-5 mile walks. Mile walks are perfectly acceptable!

    So you're eating wasn't perfect, but at least you were doing better for breakfast and lunch. And at the end of it all you are down. Doesn't matter if you're down 5 pounds or a single pound, the scale moves in the right direction.

    Clear your mind of perfection because it is ALL an illusion. Better than before is all anyone can hope for. You are a superstar Julie. I know it! You are an amazing girl and I just love you.... :)

    1. I love you tooooo!!! <3 hoping for a better week this week!!! :)