Monday, August 3, 2015

Weekend Hurdles

This past weekend was only my second weekend back on Weight Watchers and I did have a few obstacles to destroy.  I succeed....for the most part!

It all started on Friday night.  My boyfriend and I look forward to eating out on the weekends as a form of entertainment.  If we don't have plans, we go out to dinner.  Which is totally fine, there are a ton of healthy options when you go out and no one should be scared to do so.  I am happy to say that we went to a Chipotle like place that made my decision making easy.  Bowl with chicken, lettuce, pico, a tiiiny bit of beans, guac and cheese.  Yes....I got cheese. I had the points to spend so I spent them.  It was very good.  The part that turns bad is.....I totally went crazy on chips and queso.  The whole time I knew I shouldn't be eating this but I totally did.  There was a point where I looked at my boyfriend and said "I totally ate that whole cup of queso, didn't I?" Boooo.  As bad as it sounds I was still under my point allotment for the day.  I believe that full of cheese dinner was about 23 points.  I always estimate over what I think the serving sizes are so take the point value with a grain of salt.  I would much rather overestimate than underestimate!  So that was Friday.  I suppose that counts as a win but the scale tomorrow will be that deciding factor!

On to the disgrace known as Saturday...woof.  Friends came over and we went to the pool.  I bought some hummus and pita chips for snacks.  I also bought those crazy weird Lays chips- southern bisquits and gravy and truffle fries.  I bought those for fun so I didn't eat thaaaaat many.  I did eat a crap ton of hummus which was dumb. I should have portioned it out better.  Oh well.  For lunch we got pizza.  I had 2 slices, 1 cheese and 1 pepperoni.  I used the ww cheat sheet which says 1 cheese slice is 7 points and pepperoni is 8. After lunch of course the damn ice cream man has to come.  We all got ice cream and I got an 8 point chipwich.  No regrets there, that little bastard was good.  After the pool I came home and ate dinner which consisted of another piece of pepperoni pizza and more pita chips with hummus.  Such a terribly bad decision, wtf Julie.  Because I have no idea how much I ate through the day I rounded up on everything and over estiamted, because seriously...who knows how much I did eat! (the whole reason why I'm on ww to begin with....HELLO). I ended up closing the day with 61 points used....I had to dip into my weeklies.  BUT THAT'S OK!!! That is why they're there.  :)

That's a whole lotta points right there....yikes! to all of those who have been following my journey from day 1 know that I try to find a positive out of every negative.  There is def a positive to all of this!!  That is...that both Saturday and Sunday mornings were perfect.  Both mornings started out with a 5pp breakfast consisting of 1 egg, egg whites, light dry toast and fruit. That is a huge improvement and something to point out!  Another positive is that even though I ate terribly on Saturday...I was being active at the pool.  I was able to gain 3 activity points that day and that is DEF a check in the win column.  YEAH!!

The last and best positive of this post is how great I did yesterday!  I tried out two healthy meals and it was a good day!  For lunch I made tuna melts and for dinner I had portabella mushroom pizza!

So Yummy!

Lots of cheesy goodness!
Now, the tuna was easy to calculate the points and was only 4pp per slice.  I had 2 slices, pita chips and strawberries for a 12pp lunch.  It was filling and I felt like I was eating a lot of food! Dinner was great and so yummy.  Wegmans sells these portabella pizzas already made and all you have to do is cook them in the over.  They put ALOT of cheese on them so next time I am def taking some off.  According to the package it should be 8pp but just to be safe I added an extra 4 points.  Those little meatballs were turkey meatballs and were great!  Tasted very good and were 4pp for 6!  So total, including sauce, my dinner was 20pp.  That is kinda a lot but I have the points available so I mine as well use them.  I even had 12pp left over for the day (and that includes a yummy ww dessert I had).  Sunday night I also earned 3 activity points for going on a 30 minute walk.  Not much, but hey, it's something!!

So all in all it was a weekend filled with a few slip ups and damage control.  I would call it a success but only Tuesday night will tell!!!  I have to be good today and tomorrow...I can do this!


  1. This all sounds like a win to me. You were active, healthy, lived your life exactly as you wanted and didn't let food be the deciding factor in your life. You hung out with friends, went out to dinner with the boyfriend. You ate real foods you wanted and it was all within the plan. I know you were guesstimating on a lot of it, but the fact that you are at all concious of your decisions means you are ahead of the game and probably didn't do that bad overall. This is how it is all supposed to be done. Now I only hope that the scale reflects that for you. It's probably not going to be a crazy loss, but its still probably a loss and that is all that you are going for. You can't do a "diet" that restricts your life and this does not. Proud of you. Plus your second week on is actually really hard. First week you are gun-ho excited. Second week reality sets in and its not so much fun and its hard to remain in control. Easier to return to old patterns and habits. Just keep working the program and you are going to do fabulous. I am proud of you!

    1. Thank you love!!!! XOXO I love your motivation for me! :)

  2. My husband I go out to eat every weekend. My problem is that I always want to order things that I probably shouldn't be eating. For example, we love boneless wings as an appetizer but those can be pretty high in points!

    The most important thing is that you tracked what you ate. I tend to stop doing that if I feel like I haven't done well.

    1. Mmmm wings haha! Going out to eat is always tough...I may slip up here and there but that's ok! We can do well the rest of the week! :)