Monday, October 17, 2016

"Bariatric Surgery is the Easy Way Out!!" - Said No One Who Has Had It

If someone ever says that to me, I am going to slap the shit out of them.

I'm guilty, I used to think this.  Back when I was "losing weight the normal way."  I thought that I would beat obesity by myself without needing this and those who got it may not have tried the normal way.  UMMMMMMMMMM no.

This entire journey has been a crazy mind f*ck that has not been easy.

The preop diet was fine, to me that was like a normal diet I have been on my entire life just now needed to focus on protein.  Oh the joy.  It's post op that has been hard!!

First off, it's a common misconception that just because you have weightloss surgery that the pounds just melt off.  That's not true.  We have to work just as hard to lose weight as people who have not had surgery, we just have a little more luck with the numbers (usually).  I eat healthy every day, high protein, low carb. I track everything. I workout, I track that too. I drink a crap ton of water, also always tracked.  I have a fitbit and try to reach 10k steps a day, tracked on an app.  After all that, I have lost 23-24lbs since surgery on 9/7/16.  Maybe it would be more than if I did all those things without having surgery, maybe it wouldn't be.  But in that time period I have worked my ass off and have followed all of the "rules", tried my very best.

I can honestly say I am working harder now than I ever have before! Physically and mentally. I can't eat shit on a cheat day, in fact, I can't even have one.  Pizza...nope, not unless it's on a piece of eggplant or in a damn baked wonton (no I'm not complaining, they are good actually).  If I want something, I can't just have it. I can't "track it and move on." (love for all my weight watchers peeps).  So that's been a mental battle sometimes but overall I have been successful winning those and avoiding the cravings.  I just try to alter whatever I want into something I can have. AKA homemade healthy burger, no bun.  

There have been days/weeks where I have lost nothing.  I hit a stall for 2 weeks where the scale didn't budge.  Also right now, I have weighed the same for 4 days.  Think about how mentally f*cked up that work your ass off, eat like 500-700 calories a day, burn most of those calories by working out, pay $$$$$ for surgery and still not lose weight.  It's discouraging, but you have to trust the process, which is what I tell myself everyday.  Marathon, not a sprint.

So what's the difference between me and someone who hasn't had surgery? I have 5 little scars and a tiny ass stomach inside my body.  It's the same journey, just this time it will work!! (Eventually)


  1. 500-700 calories a day? Wow! I would be cranky all day with that :). Of course I understand that with a smaller stomach there is only so much you can eat at a time.

    It isn't easy, but I believe you've got this. I also think you should not weigh yourself too often. Weight loss isn't always a linear process. You are doing all the right things so the pounds will fall off eventually.

    Also, do you eat back some exercise calories? Maybe you are burning too much and eating little? I'm no expert but I'm thinking it's a possible reason.

    I'm rooting for you to win this battle Julie. I'm sure if we support each other we can do this.


    1. You are so cute!! <3 I adore you my friend. Good idea, I need to stop weighing myself. I told myself this morning that I am done with the scale for the rest of the week!! And I haven't been eating the calories I have burned at the gym, I physically can't! LOL. I eat as much as I can but sometimes I'm just so full. I should take that advice tho, I need to fuel my body!!!

    2. oh my bageebees I have now read about 2 bloggers that have had WLS .... sound like a rough rough road! get better, and I know you will get there a gal at my work lost like over 100 pounds and she looks great! you got this!!!